Arizona remains undefeated, Brady enchants. And Atlanta puts on a show … in London

The Cardinals beat San Francisco and lengthen the streak. The Tampa Bay quarterback leads his team with an ageless clear direction. While kickers from all over the League combine every …

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Arizona remains undefeated, Brady enchants, ageless, the kickers combine all the colors, Atlanta wins in London. Sunday of electrifying football, the Monday Night that will complete the fifth day of the NFL is Baltimore-Indianapolis.

Atlanta-New York Jets 27-20

It is played in London, for the first time in England in two years, at the Tottenham stadium. Ryan puts on a show: he throws for 342 yards and two tries, riding Pitts, the superb freshman, and the electric Patterson, who also lends a hand from improvised running back. The Falcons dominate the first half, closed ahead 20-3. The fumbles of Hurst and Davis still keep the Jets (1-4) in the game. And with Carter’s try they know how to get back under 17-20. But the Falcons (2-3) “hold”: Ryan continues to be surgical, Davis’ touchdown on a run closes the game. For the veteran quarterback, the satisfaction of overtaking Eli Manning for flying yards, eighth every epoch: 57,068 yards when overtaking.

Cincinnati-Green Bay 22-25 d.t.s.

The Sunday race. Because Rodgers and Burrow make havoc, Adams gets everything, especially because they miss 5 kicks in a row in the final. Crosby, of the Packers, risks dismissal with errors of 36, 40 (overtime) and 51 yards (regulation expiration), McPherson hits the post from 57 yards in the sprint in regulation and misses the posts from 49 yards to win in overtime . Crosby redeems himself by hitting the field goal of victory from 49 yards after a 3rd & 16th completed by the Packers (4-1) on the Rodgers-Cobb axis. Burrow in hospital after the race: tests for a blow to the throat. Cincy 3-2, now.

Tampa Bay-Miami 45-17

The attack of the reigning champions is scary: Brady launches for 411 yards and 5 tries. Brown rages well beyond the 900th hold in just 143 games, a record. The Florida derby turns out to be a monologue of the Bucs (4-1), with the Dolphins (1-4) unable to take advantage of the limits of the opposing secondary decimated. Injuries are the unknown for Tampa: David went out with a sprained ankle, Brady accused a problem in his right thumb.

Arizona-San Francisco 17-10

The Cardinals (5-0) remain unbeaten. This time it is their defense that makes the difference, with the rival quarterback, Lance, the first to start for the knockout of Garoppolo, messing in every possible or imaginable way, immature despite the obvious talent. The defense kept the 49ers (2-3) still in the game, but the Murray-Hopkins tandem combined for the decisive try.

Los Angeles Chargers-Cleveland 47-42

Game from over 1,000 attack yards, a playground. The extraordinary attack on Herbert’s passes has the better of the extraordinary one on the run by Chubb and Hunt. Curiosity: Ekeler’s third goal, from the Chargers (4-1), comes with the defense of the Browns (3-2) that drags him into the end zone to have the opportunity to replicate in exremis. But then the miracle fails in Mayfield.

The other matches

In the Sunday Night Buffalo success in Kansas City 38-20: Allen beats Mahomes, also intercepted by Hyde for 6 points. Minnesota bends the usual Detroit 19-17 paperinesca with football at the end of 54 yads by Joseph, New England comeback Houston 25-22 in Texas, New Orleans passes to Washington 33-22, the game of the game is the passage of the Ave Maria of Winston received in the end zone by Callaway. Carolina loses with Philadelphia 18-21, Darnold is intercepted three times, Tennessee overwhelms the unfortunate Jacksonville 37-19 with the Henry truck, in the 20th consecutive defeat. Pittsburgh fold Denver 27-19: Pierre intercepts Bridgewater in the end zone in the sprint, Chicago rules Las Vegas 20-9 dominating in defense, with the former Mack leading the charge. Dallas wipes out 44-20 the New York Giants who lose Jones, Barkley and Golladay to injury. Amazing Elliott and Prescott.

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Arizona remains undefeated, Brady enchants. And Atlanta puts on a show … in London