Jones loses his father’s ashes on the pitch, but not the way to the end zone

The running back loses the pendant with the remains of his father but scores 4 td and the Packers win Monday Night with Detroit. Roethlisberger in obvious difficulty

Second day that overturns many impressions left by the first, gives some confirmation and – like every year – postpones at least to the fourth day the evaluations on the true value of the teams. But let’s start from the queue, the Monday Night that put the Packers back on track, winners 35-17 over the Detroit Lions, after being down 17-14 at half-time. Four passes in goal by Aaron Rodgers, three to Aaron Jones who added one on the run, put things in order at Lambeau. “For a week we took the critics off us,” said the current MVP. Beating Lions at home was minimal. We will now see a half lit litmus test in the upcoming Sunday Night against the Niners in Santa Clara. Jones’s evening was bittersweet: the running back has in fact lost the pendant he wore around his neck which contained his father’s ashes. “I’m afraid it happened in the end zone – said Aaron – I’m sorry but if it had to happen it happened in the best place. I think he is smiling from up there ”.


In Afc only Raiders and Broncos remain undefeated. Las Vegas is the one that has most impressed, breaking Pittsburgh with a good Derek Carr, a super Harry Ruggs III and even without the injured Jacobs. Big Ben seems to have come to an end, a big problem for the Steelers. Denver took advantage of the favorable calendar, having beaten the Giants and Jaguars. But Tedy Bridgewater is doing very well. A different story in AFC, with Bucs, Panthers, 49ers, Rams and Cardinals who repeated the victories of the previous week. Brady and Gronk have fun like kids at the carnival but the defense remains suspect. To the point that Bruce Arians made a call to Richard Sherman to patch the secondary. The Panthers have paved the Saints (who are perhaps somewhere between those who demolished the Packers and these), with Sam Darnold proving that his flop in New York was perhaps more the Jets’ fault than his own. And then there is NFC West, where if it hadn’t been for Seattle overtime knockout, demolished by Derrick Henry’s races, we would have a 2-0 foursome. The Niners have not thrilled with the Eagles but above all they have lost 3 (three!) Running backs: JaMycal Hasty is also knocked out for the next one, Elijah Mitchell and Trey Sermon, who are in doubt for the Packers. The speech made for Green Bay is valid: Sunday night we will understand something more. Winning at Indy is never easy, the Rams succeeded also thanks to the injury (one millionth) of Carson Wentz, who even managed to turn both ankles. But they too have lost rb Darrell Henderson (ribs), but have a Cooper Kupp who is currently among the best 2-3 wide receivers in the league. Sunday is Rams-Tampa, it will be fun. Finally, the Cardinals. True, they were pardoned by the 37-yard field goal missed by the Vikings, but meanwhile Kyler Murray looks like the one from the Playstation.


Only 3 teams in history have made it to the Super Bowl after losing the first two, or 1.2%. It is easy to understand how it is to be avoided as much as the bubonic plague (perhaps these days we should say Covid …). The Ravens did it on the wire thanks to a Clyde Edwards-Helaire fumble. But they won the game by running how and when they wanted against an increasingly porous defense of the Chiefs. Not secondary is the fact that by running so much (251 yards) they left Pat Mahomes on the bench for 36 ‘out of 60. Dallas also managed to balance the budget despite a thousand problems, such as the management of the stopwatch in the last minute which “forced “Greg The Leg Zuerlein kicked the winning field goal from 56 yards because coach McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore couldn’t see the clock and didn’t know how long it was to finish … Meanwhile Tony Pollard is playing much better than Zeke Elliott. Buffalo is 1-1 but it is not that there were many doubts as to whether in Miami he remedied the knockout of the first. As well as the Browns against the Texans. Speaking of Houston, even with Tyrod Taylor knocked out, they won’t give Deshaun Watson room but will go with Davis Mills again on Thursday against Carolina. Incredible how one of the strongest qb of the NFL has fallen low (without entering the extrafootball problems, which are decisive in keeping him away from the fields …). The Titans didn’t squeeze too much Henry apparently. They too have avoided the 0-2 final ruling. Like New England, which however continues not to thrill and seems very far from being a contender. Mac Jones is very good but for now they only make him do the homework.

the death of the qb

Said of Taylor and Wentz, Tua Tagovailoa (ribs, but it seems nothing serious) and Andy Dalton (knee) also came out battered from the second day, with the Bears who were quick to say that he remains the qb1 if healthy and not Justin Fields . Speaking of rookie to taste: lily Trevor Lawrence, so-so Fields, a Zach Wilson disaster. But as said for Darnold, he still plays in the Jets …

Players of the week

A fabulous Bobby Wagner, last survivor from the Legion of Boom, finished with 20 tackles, 16 of them solo. They weren’t enough to beat Tennessee but certainly not his fault. In attack Cooper Kupp (9 receptions, 163 yards and 2 td) had it in his pocket until Aaron Jones’ 4 touchdowns on Monday Night that are worth overtaking.

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Jones loses his father’s ashes on the pitch, but not the way to the end zone