Kansas City falls to Baltimore, the Rams fly. Brady, still show

The second Sunday NFL closes tonight with the Monday Night Green Bay-Detroit: Rodgers is expected to redeem

The Los Angeles Rams are confirmed racing, Kansas City falls already on the first trip, against Jackson’s Ravens. The kicks at the end prove to be a cross and a delight: Dallas rejoices, Minnesota is desperate, Tennessee thanks to a field goal imposes himself in comeback in the extra time in Seattle. These are the showcase titles of the second NFL Sunday, which will close with the Monday Night Green Bay-Detroit: Rodgers is expected to redeem.


Stafford impresses, Kupp goes crazy, but it is the defense that wins the game for the Californians, thanks to Ramsey’s interception. The new quarterback confirms Rams certainty, triggering the favorite receiver for 163 yards and two tries, but in the final sprint it is the secondary guest who makes the difference, with the corneback that perfects the pick from Eason, who took over the injured Wentz in the final. , and we are at the usual. This time the Colts quarterback had played well, but at best he is betrayed by his right ankle and has to watch his reserve do damage. Undefeated Rams, Colts still winless. And next Sunday there is a delicious Rams-Bucs scheduled, a possible anticipation of the Conference final.


Let’s start from the end: a 36-yard kick from Bullock gives the Titans the overtime victory. Who were down 9-24 at the interval. But then they trigger the turbo Derrick Henry: the running back runs for 182 yards and 3 touchdowns, the last one at 29 ”from the end of regulation. In Seattle, which is struggling to run, a good Wilson, an excellent Lockett and a wild crowd are not enough.


Fireworks in Glendale. Murray does and undoes, having fun, Cook replies on the ground, very solid. A high-scoring game emerges, already 24-23 Cards at half-time, marked by a kick from Prater’s 62 yards and Joseph’s sensational error at the end. It looked like it was made for the Vikings, with Hunter scoring 3 sacks on Murray and the visiting kicker just having to hit the 37-yard goalposts when the time expired. And instead it trembles, under pressure: wide.


Jackson folds Mahomes and the Chiefs for the first time in his career. The Ravens recovered in the 4th quarter, closed 12-0 thanks to Lamar’s goal on the run, the specialty of the house, again without being able to convert from two points. The defense of the reigning AFC champions grants 481 yards, too many, but it is a fumble, that of the running back Edwards-Helaire to deliver the Sunday Night to Coach Harbaugh’s team. Super Mahomes is not enough this time around.

The other matches

Dallas thanks the kicker Zuerlein who at the end gives her the 20-17 success in Los Angeles over the Chargers thanks to a kick from 56 yards, with the Boys capitalizing on dubious favorable calls. The reigning champions of Tampa Bay Atlanta 48-25 regulate: Brady launches for 5 tries, but it is the 2 interceptions reported in the goal by the safety Edwards to close the accounts. Las Vegas passes to Pittsburgh 26-17: the pearl is the goal on the Carr-Ruggs axis from 69 yards. Watt bruised. Buffalo redeems himself after his losing debut by overwhelming Miami 35-0, with Tagovailoa injured in the ribs, while Carolina downsizes New Orleans, which was without 8 coaches stopped by anti Covid protocols, overwhelmed 26-7. McCaffrey enchants, Winston combines all the colors. Chicago fold Cincinnati 20-17 thanks to the defense, with Fields replacing the bruised Dalton, Cleveland liquid Houston 31-21 with a lot of Chubb as a recipe for success. Taylor breaks down, Texans in trouble. San Francisco wins in Philadelphia, 17-11, a race dominated by defenses, Denver in the rain rules Jacksonville 23-13. Finally Mac Jones takes up the challenge between freshmen quarterbacks chosen in the first round of the Draft: New EnglandThanks also to a spectacular try by Harris, from 26 yards resisting 6 tackles, he dominated the New York Jets 25-6, still under construction, with Wilson throwing 4 interceptions.

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Kansas City falls to Baltimore, the Rams fly. Brady, still show