Patriots higher and higher, with Atlanta the fifth win in a row. And what a storm on Brown

On Thursday Night of the eleventh day, New England crushes the Falcons 25 to 0. Tampa receiver in trouble: fake green pass?

Never underestimate the Patriots. Given for dead after a complicated start to the season, they win for the fifth time in a row, dominating Atlanta 25-0 on Thursday Night that opens the 11th day of the NFL. The defense of New England overflows, in classic Belichick style, the attack led by freshman Mac Jones, the best rookie so far for performance, is efficient, running and throwing short, and the Pats go up 7-4, making the playoff prospect more and more likely. , after a year of absence. They are undefeated away. The Falcons, now 4-6 record, make an embarrassing figure on live national TV. They haven’t been losing at home since 1988. The frontline has the consistency of an out-of-date pudding. The pass suffered by the Dallas Cowboys, 3-43, last day, is not redeemed even by a shred of pride. The unfortunate veteran quarterback Ryan is sent to the slaughterhouse against the opponent’s pass rush in an ungenerous way, far beyond his demerits.

The match

Immediately 3-0 guests, then Jones finds Agholor in the end zone for the 10-0 Patriots. So Koo misses the field goal from 50 yards, while the football of the same role opponent, Folk, at the end is worth the 13-0 New England at the interval. Dominant Pats, Falcons not received. Ryan has no level targets to look for, with Patterson out of action (ankle) and Pitts neutralized by the secondary host: easy, with no alternatives to cover. Atlanta with just 64 yards of attack in the middle of the game. Terrell’s interception to Jones reported up to half court seems to give Coach Smith a chance to attack. But Atlanta does not close a 4th on the 16 opponents. The line of attack of the Falcons is a disaster both in protection and to open passages for the races. Then McCourty intercepts Ryan, with the pass rush on him at every passing game: Van Noy and Judon go wild. Folk hits the poles from 53 yards for 16-0, Jackson’s interception after a drop by Zaccheaus closes the game definitively. 25-0, in the end, with Rosen launching a pick 6 signed by Van Noy. Little by little. And the Falcons’ New England nemesis once more, after Brady’s sensational comeback from the 2017 Super Bowl. Atlanta under reconstruction, still far from being at least competitive for the playoffs, Patriots that will be “weighed” by the next three challenges with Tennessee, Buffalo and Indianapolis. But in the meantime they are growing well.

Brown scandal

The NFL night does speak beyond the field results. Antonio Brown, a prominent Tampa receiver, was accused of procuring a fake Covid vaccination certification according to the Tampa Bay Times. Who says this is his former chef, Steven Ruiz, who allegedly took revenge for an outstanding $ 10,000 loan. Brown, through his model girlfriend Cydney Moreau, would have asked him in the summer to send him the false certification, with a promise of a reward of 500 dollars. Mission failed, but Brown would later show him the mystified certification, obtained through other channels. The Bucs with a statement stated that they had checked the documentation of all the players and that they did not find any irregularities. In short, real scandal or hype?

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Patriots higher and higher, with Atlanta the fifth win in a row. And what a storm on Brown