Quarterback: Mahomes, Rodgers and Brady on the podium. Watch out for Allen

Chiefs, Packers and Bucs with the tops in the role, but the Bills can enjoy a potential mvp. Stafford at the Rams price rises. On the bottom Taylor of the Texans

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Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady. It is the podium of the 2021 quarterback ranking a few hours from the kick off that will open the NFL season. Here is the complete ranking: we order them from n.1 to 32, like every year. A caveat: the absolute value is combined with the seasonal outlook. In short, the quarterback with the strongest attack of equal value is placed in front of the one with a less competitive supporting cast.

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1) PATRICK MAHOMES (Kansas City) – Extraordinary arm and legs that are no different. Combine the power in depth with quality game readings and the ability to improvise as a runner, if needed. Mature over 25, in the last three seasons he has played 2 Super Bowls, winning one, and three conference finals. A certainty. Having Hill and Kelce as targets doesn’t hurt …

2)AARON RODGERS (Green Bay) – Last season’s MVP, played in an extraordinary way, at 37 years old. The tug-of-war with the Packers leadership has given him anger and motivation, he chases the second Super Bowl, perhaps as a farewell gift to Wisconsin fans. He finally got reinforcements for Adams: Cobb and Amari Rodgers.

3)TOM BRADY (Tampa Bay) – After the triumph for the Bucs, seventh personal at the Super Bowl, there is no longer any debate as to whether or not he is the best ever with the oval ball: it is obvious. If anything you can argue about the best ever in US team sports, the competition is Jordan, Ruth… A year of familiarity with Tampa players / schemes will make it more profitable. Howard’s return and Bernard’s arrival add value.

4)JOSH ALLEN (Buffalo) – Sensational athlete and excellent leader, he is growing exponentially in accuracy, beyond the power of the arm. Strong candidate for seasonal mvp thanks to a luxury receivers department, consisting of Diggs, Sanders and Beasley. And if the racing game finally lent a hand …

5)RUSSELL WILSON (Seattle) – He had started strong last season, then jammed at the best. It has in Metcalf and Lockett a pair of top receivers, the running game balances the attack. He needs the line to protect him, otherwise the raids on the ground become not so much to gain yards, rather to save his skin.

the nobility

6) MATT STAFFORD (Los Angeles Rams) – At 33 he finally has a Super Bowl team. Coach McVay’s schemes. Kupp and Woods as targets and Henderson and Michel to gallop so as not to work overtime. There are those who will find out after 12 years in the NFL.

7) BAKER MAYFIELD (Cleveland) – Maybe it would never be worth a place that high, but the Browns are racing and get Beckham back. The pair of running backs Chubb-Hunt will allow him not to overdo it. Landry will be her Linus blanket.

8) MATT RYAN – Over the past 2 years he has launched most complete of all. And with coach Smith he will have great numbers. Ridley was joined by the super tight end freshman Pitts.

9) DAK PRESCOTT (Dallas) – He is not who knows what, the fireworks attack: Zeke to run, Cooper, Lamb and Gallop to receive. And 160 million to play quietly.

10) LAMAR JACKSON (Baltimore) – Sensational athlete, electric running back who plays quarterback. Readings and throwing technique are mediocre, but the accelerations are spectacular. The Ravens have a tough schedule, but the offensive line has strengthened. He has to protect him or with that style of play he won’t be able to last as long as the competition.

11) RYAN TANNEHILL (Tennessee) – Julio Jones is a nice gift to receive. In 2021 he launched 33 tries, his maximum, must prove that the consecration was independent of the system of coach Smith. With Henry running, he won’t be forced into monologues.

12) JUSTIN HERBERT (Los Angeles Chargers) – Offensive freshman of the year, threw 31 touchdowns, a record. He will have to learn a new, better system, though.

just believe it

13) JOE BURROW (Cincinnati) – The choice # 1 of the 2020 draft convinced everyone, before getting injured, sent to slaughter by the Bengals. Come back with a better side dish.

14) KIRK COUSINS (Minnesota) – Like arrows a rb top, Cook, excellent receivers, Thielen and Jefferson. Fresh from a good season, but something is always missing.

15) DEREK CARR (Oakland) – Individual numbers are good, Waller is a safe target, but he doesn’t seem to have the temperament for Coach Gruden. And he doesn’t dare in the long run.

16) CARSON WENTZ (Indianapolis) – Fresh from a horrible season in Philly, he started injuring himself before the start with the Colts. But he has talent and determination to redeem himself.

17) KYLER MURRAY (Arizona) – The choice n.1 of the 2019 draft is too praised by the US media, preferred to Brady for the Pro Bowl 2021. However, dynamic and with the big arm.

18) BEN ROETHLISBERGER (Pittsburgh) – He doesn’t give up, he doesn’t retreat. Now he casts quickly, and in Claypool he has a young and strong wr. But it is in sight of the finish line.

19) JARED GOFF (Detroit) – Accused of sins even not his own, to the Rams. Lions will have to arm themselves with patience and rebuild their reputation by fighting, waiting for better times.

20) TREVOR LAWRENCE (Jacksonville) – Choice # 1 of the 2021 draft. Everyone wanted it. Jaguars offer him a laborious reconstruction to complete, though.

work in progress

21) JIMMY GAROPPOLO (San Francisco) – Risks the place: the freshman Lance is pressing.

22) JAMEIS WINSTON (New Orleans) – Year I after Brees in the Big Easy. Not easy.

23) DANIEL JONES (New York Giants) – Now or never. It deserves trust.

24) MAC JONES (New England) – Meanwhile, he beat Newton’s competition …

25) ZACH WILSON (New York Jets) – The new Herbert? So much potential and so many risks.

26) RYAN FITZPATRICK (Washington) – He will play the first career playoffs. He deserves them.

27) SAM DARNOLD (Carolina) – A new beginning. Better run McCaffrey, however.

28) TUA TAGOVAILOA (Miami) – More was expected. Need time or another to taste?

29) ANDY DALTON (Chicago) – He will do better than Trubisky, but not well enough.

30) TEDDY BRIDGEWATER (Denver) – He has a lot of offensive talents. The problem is him.

31) JALEN HURTS (Philadelphia) – They will regret Wentz, the Eagles. And not a little.

32) TYROD TAYLOR (Houston) – Bad taste, bad team. And Watson looks.

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Quarterback: Mahomes, Rodgers and Brady on the podium. Watch out for Allen