Rams, other than Dream Team! Packers, it’s a good year

On Monday Night LA, the protagonist on the market, is overwhelmed by San Francisco. Green Bay emerges as the favorite in the NFC. The two divisions to the West that seemed to have to dominate are turning out to be a bluff

Massimo Oriani


In the face of the Dream Team. The Rams are paved in the Niners’ house a week after taking them from the Titans (without Derrick Henry). The 31-10 final is all there for the Monday Night that concluded the tenth day of the NFL. After taking on Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr (2 receptions for 18 yards on debut), LA seemed to be heading towards the Super Bowl, at least in intent. The facts so far tell a whole different story. The Rams conceded 156 yards on the run, making Jimmy Garoppolo look like a phenomenon (15/19 for 186 yd and 2 td) against a defense that was supposed to be dominant. But basically it’s the story of this season without bosses. And maybe it’s even better that way. However, thanks to San Francisco, which found some important pieces like Deebo Samuel, unleashed with receptions and races, author of two goals, and Jimmy Ward (2 interceptions), in addition to Greg Kittle, who returned the previous week but who is now returning that real.

Lost Tampa

Do we want to talk about the champions? Two weeks ago they lost to the Saints without Jameis Winston. And oh well, there is a misstep. Then they had the bye and a return to the field was expected with foaming in the mouth, not with water in the throat. Instead they got it on the teeth (to stay in the ENT area) from Washington, not really Joe Montana’s Niners. Brady also looked rusty. Frankly inexplicable, but the one that the big names have taken this season seems to be a contagious disease. From a standing ovation, however, the last drive of the Skins: 19 actions, 80 yards but above all 10’26 “which in fact concluded the match with Antonio Gibson’s td with 29” from the end. “Historic” moment for the qb Taylor Heinicke, who a year ago these days was studying at Dad to graduate in engineering and has now beaten the Goat. Deadly sin is Chase Young’s broken crusader who ends his season here.


Older people will also remember Laura Antonelli for Comencini’s film “My God how I fell down”. A title that could be good for the Seahawks, who started with high hopes and are now far from the playoffs after the zero of Lambeau. Bad game, at times unwatchable. Russell Wilson clearly far from the best form, Aaron Rodgers not exciting but with that defense he was enough and advanced. Watch out for the Packers because in the leveling more and more down the NFC, they emerge as the favorites at the moment.

wild west

Remember at the beginning of the season when it was said that both in AFC and NFC, the West could send at least 3 teams to the playoffs? Here … Also no. The Chargers drowned in a glass of water (lost to non-exciting teams), the Raiders imploded after the Gruden, Ruggs and Arnette cases, the Broncos, after a good start, are back on earth. Here then the Chiefs are first, despite having played an honest game and nothing more given the reach of the rivals. A step forward, certainly, that of Kansas City, let’s say a broth, for now. We will see Sunday against Dallas, a real test to see if they still have a chance to return to those of last seasons. In the NFC, over there in Arizona, the Cardinals, also thanks to the injuries, collapsed. We said about the Rams and Seattle. The Niners are who they are, not playoffs. In the end, therefore, it is likely that only the divisional winners will go to the playoffs.

the rules!

We also had the first draw of the season, between the Steelers and the Lions, who just don’t want to know about winning. Peer who escaped Pittsburgh rookie Najee Harris and Detroit linebacker Godwin Igwebuike, unaware that the regulation provided for it and ready to play a second overtime … It also happened to Donovan McNabb, qb of the Eagles, years ago. Do we ask too much of professionals if we ask them at least to know the rules of the game?

I’m baaack!

That’s not Michael Jordan’s message in ’95 when he returned to the Bulls. It is the scream of Cam Newton after the first td of his second life in the Panthers jersey. With Sam Darnold out for the rest of the season, it’s up to him now to lead Carolina. He will have the umpteenth chance to show that he can still be a good NFL qb.

Ma i Pats …

Not that the Patriots regret having bet on Mac Jones. The rookie grows from game to game, he always does the right thing and New England (4 wins in a row) seems more and more a playoff team and perhaps not even a “one and done” team. We will understand more in a couple of weeks, after the internal competition with the Titans and the one in Buffalo. So far he has trampled on modest teams, including the Cleveland bluff.

players of the week

In attack the aforementioned Taylor Heinicke, qb from Washington. In defense Krys Barnes of the Packers, but in reality it would go to the whole Green Bay department.

Super Bowl of the week

Here we are at the million euro question. Never before has it been so difficult to choose two title teams as this time. The Ravens with the fool of Thursday Night in Miami we park them for a moment. In AFC then let’s go back to the Bills, even if having torn up the Jets does not matter. In the NFC, the Packers by a whisker ahead of Dallas instead.

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Rams, other than Dream Team! Packers, it’s a good year