Rams redemption in Seattle. The Seahawks also lose Wilson

After the defeat against Arizona, on Thursday night it was 26-17. Injury for the quaterback

The Rams redeem themselves immediately. After the fool made against Arizona they win 26-17 in Seattle on Thursday Night which opens the fifth day of the NFL. The heroes of the evening are the receivers, Woods and Kupp, a fabulous pair of targets for Stafford, who disintegrates the secondary Seahawks. But the decisive game comes in the final from the defense: it is Scott’s interception to Geno Smith, Wilson’s replacement, who hurts his right index finger and in the 4th quarter is forced to cheer for his replacement from sideline. Los Angeles is now 4-1 on the record, and with a smooth schedule on the horizon. For Seattle, the situation becomes complicated: 2-3 record, in a Division, the Nfc West, in which you cannot afford to lose ground. The extent of the injury of Coach Carroll’s quarterback will be crucial for the near future, the Seahawks cannot afford to lose him even for a few games: the defense is modest and the attack hinges precisely on the injured franchise man.

False start

0-0 at the end of the first quarter, the attacks limp more than the defenses enthuse. Stafford is intercepted by Diggs in the Seahawks’ end zone at the start of the 2nd quarter, so it’s Wilson to be intercepted by Reeder after Ramsey’s deviation. The first points come with Wilson’s throw for Metcalf from 19 yards, 7-0 Seattle. The Rams partially reply with Gay’s field goal from 31 yards. 7-3 is the half time score. Because Myers blatantly misses the possible 10-3 kick for the hosts from 35 yards. Rams with almost double the time of possession, yet under in the score.

I reach out for Rams

Stafford’s passage from 68 yards to Jackson “splits” the 3rd quarter and puts the guest quarterback in the game, held back by an ailment to his right index finger, but who after the long carburation finds the pace until he launches for a total of 365 yards. Henderson, the main running back of the Rams, concludes the drive with the overtaking run in goal: 9-7 after Gay’s mistake in trying to get an additional point. Wilson injures his right middle finger, hit by Donald. And Stafford rages: he targets for Woods (who will end up with 150 yards of holds, Kupp’s will be 92) again and again, and then finds Higbee in the end zone for the 16-7 touchdown. Dickson’s punt is blocked by Johnson, he recovers the oval and kicks it long. Never seen anything like it … Wilson is forced to stay out, in his place it’s up to Geno Smith, an ancient and modest reserve. Who, however, completes the first 5 attempts and finds Metcalf in the end zone from 23 yards for the 16-14. First goal for Smith since 2017 and Seahawks who come back with pride. The Rams respond quickly, however. Stafford targets Woods and Kupp repeatedly and Michel then runs into the goal for 23-14. Then Scott intercepts Smith and closes her, with 2 ‘to play. The Rams are Super Bowl if they stay healthy, even if the defense needs a screw. Seattle, who was without the battered Carson, cannot afford to lose Wilson. The Metcalf-Lockett duo need the trigger and Wilson has never missed a game through injury so far. So far, in fact. In Emerald City you hold your breath.

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Rams redemption in Seattle. The Seahawks also lose Wilson