Winning Monday Night for New Orleans. Flacco to New York

The Saints beat the Seattle Seahawks 13-10, orphans of Wilson. Veteran quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles goes to the Jets

New Orleans does the minimum wage, but it is enough to win the Monday Night that closes the seventh day of the NFL and perhaps definitively compromise the season in Seattle, orphan of the injured Wilson. Meanwhile, with the trade deadline approaching, there is a “noisy” trade, the one that brings veteran quarterback Joe Flacco to the New York Jets, while rumors about the future of Deshaun Watson, in trouble with the law and out of the team, follow one another. in Houston.


New Orleans wins 13-10 on a Monday Night characterized by rain and defenses, which put the muzzle on mediocre attacks. The difference is made by Kamara, who becomes the fastest player in the history of the league to reach 3000 yards on the run and on reception. 66 games are enough for him. Its the only touchdown of the Saints, picking up a short pass from Winston. The Seahawks also lose the second race without Wilson, who should return in November, who knows when, perhaps too late to straighten the season. Because his replacement is the disastrous Geno Smith, who after the touchdown launch for Metcalf at the beginning of the game combines all the colors. And the record thus becomes 2-5: almost a sentence in the Supreme Court. Seattle hadn’t lost 3 games in a row since 2011, since the start of the Coach Carroll era. It had been almost 30 years since he hadn’t lost his first three home games. But Smith messes in the final sprint as he did against Rams and Steelers, prey to the opposing pass rush, with Davis unleashed, the kicker Myers misses a couple of kicks, crucial penalties offer second chances to the Saints actually exploited only in part. The 4-2 record for Coach Payton is dripping fat as seen so far. Sunday’s Tampa match will tell the truth, for better or for worse, about the Saints and their prospects.


New York is running for cover. After taking 54 points from the Patriots, costing his fifth defeat in six games, and losing freshman quarterback Zach Wilson to a right knee injury that will keep him out for 2 to 4 weeks, he tries at least to avoid further bad figures. And therefore it pays Philadelphia a choice of the 6th round of the 2022 Draft for Joe Flacco, 36, near the end of his career, once winner of the Super Bowl with the Ravens. Mike White, who replaced Wilson against New England, is inexperienced: he will be tried against Cincinnati, if it doesn’t work, space for the veteran. There is another quarterback in the middle of the market: Watson. The trading terminus will be on 2 November, at 22.00 Italian time. Now or never, then. The 26-year-old of the Texans is among the best, but he faces legal troubles: 22 women accuse him of sexual abuse or inappropriate sexual conduct. In short, Miami and Carolina, exasperated by Tagovailoa and Darnold, would be interested, but it’s like rolling the dice: the risk of Watson being suspended is obvious.


In attack Ja’Marr Chase, the freshman catcher of the Cincinnati Bengals, who grinds 201 yards against Baltimore, with the pearl of the 82 goal. In defense the right name is De’Vondre Campbell, Green Bay linebacker: force two fumble in red zones against Washington paving the way for Packers success.

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Winning Monday Night for New Orleans. Flacco to New York