Sportweek in London with Conte: “I’ll start all over again with Tottenham”

In the interview with the former Inter coach, the objectives of the new adventure, the working methods and more. Then space for Adrien Silva, Di Martino and the record holder of victories at the Dakar Peterhansel

Where it goes, it wins. To Juve, Chelsea, Inter. This is why Tottenham, who have been at the stake for over a decade, sacked Espirito Santo wanted Antonio Conte, the cover man of Sportweek on newsstands tomorrow, together with the Gazzetta for the total price of 2 euros, to lead the team. We interviewed and photographed him at Tottenham Hotspur Training Camp, the splendid training center of the Spurs. And the Italian coach told us about what he defined as the most difficult challenge of his career: “I have never been afraid of challenges, I just need even a 1% chance of winning them to start my battle. I have never taken teams that had won the year before, mine are always paths of reconstruction. Juve came from an eighth place, Chelsea from a tenth, Inter from a quarter. I know it will take some patience this time. In Milan I left a finished job. Here I have to start all over again and getting into the current season is never easy. But President Levy has shown that he wants me at all costs. In his words and in the investments made, I perceived a vision: the desire to excel. I said to myself: if we combine this ability off the pitch with what I can give on the pitch, we can really set up a serious and profound job. Grow and compete with other great English clubs “. Ambitious, proud and self-confident, in the course of the long interview with Andrea Di Caro Conte he touched on many other topics: from his working methods to the label (rejected with force and arguments) as a coach who makes his clubs spend, from also cultural differences between Serie A and Premier to its spearheads Son and Kane.

From Silva to Di Martino

Below, you can read another exclusive: the one with the Portuguese Sampdoria midfielder Adrien Silva. He is nicknamed the Teacher and for this reason we met him and took him to the chair of a class of a Genoese middle school. His models Pirlo and Xavi, the regrets of a missed student that led him to support three Afghan student sisters, those for the national team lost after the European championship won, compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo, the two years lost in the Premier League with Leicester, wanted by Ranieri was immediately replaced by Puel who, on the other hand, did not see him: Silva talks about this and more on Sportweek. There is an Italian, on the other hand, who has made a fortune abroad: his name is Nello Di Martino and has just celebrated 50 years at Hertha, first as a goalkeeper, then as a technician, team manager and now again as a goalkeeper trainer. We joined him in Berlin where he told us both the unique story: “I conquered the Germans by improvising in difficult moments, which they never do well. Return to Italy? On vacation, yes, but by now I’m used to the German organization of life ”. Finally, in an issue that contains a large special watches, you will find in addition to the usual columns also a portrait of the great Socrates 10 years after his death and an interview with the Dakar record holder Stéphane Peterhansel, the French driver who is about to face his 33rd edition of the famous rally driving an electric Audi, the first car of this type to show up at the start.

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Sportweek in London with Conte: “I’ll start all over again with Tottenham”