Svenska Spel’s measures are criticized by upset customers

A deposit limit based on income – to counter gambling addiction.

Svenska Spel’s measures, which came without warning, have aroused anger among customers.

“We understand that some customers who are affected by this will be upset, but we must follow the existing legislation,” answers Kajsa Nylander, head of sustainability at Svenska Spel.

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The change, which was implemented on Wednesday, means that some of Swedish Games customers have had their deposit limit lowered and locked.

“If we have lowered and locked your borders, it is based on data obtained from public sources, such as the Swedish Tax Agency.” explains the gaming company on its website.

The decision came without warning – and upset customers have heard from Sportbladet. We have contacted those responsible at Svenska Spel for an interview. Sustainability Manager Kajsa Nylander chooses to answer our questions via email:

“We understand that some customers who are affected by this will be upset, but we must follow the existing legislation. If we lower or lock a customer’s game limit, it is based on an assessment of financial ability and game behavior. The assessment also includes age, as young people are an extra group worthy of protection. The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate also places special demands on customer knowledge on us gaming companies for players who want high limits. ”

Can reconsider the decision

For many, this came as a surprise. Could you have provided better information?

“It is always possible to communicate in different ways. In this case, we have chosen to direct our communication directly at the relatively few customers who are actually affected by the measures and have had their boundaries lowered. We have done this by notifying them when they log in to their gaming account. There they also get information on how to do if they want to reconsider the decision, which can be done relatively quickly. “

How many customers are affected?

“It is currently difficult to answer as it is an ongoing work. But what we can state is that relatively few of our customers have had their deposit limits lowered. ”

Maximum limit for teenagers

Svenska Spel considers that a deposit limit of more than SEK 10,000 per month is “high and risky”. Therefore, in some cases they have chosen to lower the limit for those who have had a higher amount. For customers under the age of 20, the company has introduced a general deposit limit of SEK 1,000 per month.

“Research shows that gambling for money at a young age increases the risk of developing excessive gambling. In addition, most 18–19-year-olds still go to upper secondary school and may only have the study grant as income. With lower gaming limits for that group, the risk of both risk-playing and indebtedness decreases at a young age. The same limit applies to people who do not have a taxed income. Anyone who considers themselves to have the financial conditions for a higher game limit can request a reconsideration. Then we make an assessment based on financial data. ” writes Nylander.

Is there any concern that the deposit restrictions will have the opposite effect? That customers avoid withdrawing their money and play more?

“We do not consider it a major risk at the moment, but if a customer who has a lot of money in their gaming account acts in a risky way, we will of course take action. This is an ongoing work that aims for our customers to play safely and securely and with control. And for those who have made a reconsideration and have the financial ability, it will be possible to play as usual. ” Nylander concludes.


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Svenska Spel’s measures are criticized by upset customers