Europeans: silver for Franceschi, Ciampi and the relay, bronze De Tullio

Europeans: silver for Franceschi and Ciampi, bronze by De Tullio

Stefano Arcobelli


Sara Franceschi won the silver medal in the 400 mixed medals at the European short course which opened today in Kazan in Russia. The blue, 22 years old from Livorno, touched after a comeback race in 4’30 ”47, ex aequo with the Serbian Anja Crevar. The gold was conquered by the Turkish Viktoria Zeynep Gunes faster by just two cents (4’30 ”45). Too bad for Alessia Pilieri, fourth in 4’32 ”24. “Two cents burn a bit – says the daughter of art – but that’s just fine: I also swam my best and it is the first medal ever, it is my rebirth after a period that I do not hide was very difficult. I dedicate this podium to my father who has always believed in me and supported me in the most complicated moments “. Polieri closes ahead of the Hungarian Zsuzsanna Jakabos: “I’m returning to the levels of the past. The spark started at the last Settecolli: in Rome I found the right sensations and a great desire to fight. This fourth place represents a restart point in my career ”.

Silver for Matteo Ciampi and bronze for Marco De Tullio in the 400m. Continental champion the Dutch Luc Kroon who finished in 3’38 ”33. For Ciampi, 24 years old from Rome, a final time trial of 3’38 “58 (consolidated 4th place alltime in Italy with a 3’38” 79 staff), for De Tullio, 21 years old from Bari, 3’38 “80 ( 5th Italian instead of Rosolino). For the first two Azzurri this is the first individual European medal at an absolute level. “I hoped to be able to win gold, but Kroon got back up very strong and there was nothing to do – says the boy from Latina but stationed in Livorno -. I am a bit sorry, because I missed the last 50 meters and I am aware that this is my Achilles heel: a detail to work on with Stefano (Franceschi ed) to grow further. Tomorrow is my birthday and I got myself a super gift. We are facing a season that is practically never finished: we have played many races, including Europeans, Olympics and Isl and we stopped short. I don’t feel fatigue, which means that the preparation was optimal “. De Tullio adds: “The Olympics did not go as I would have liked, and this led me to make some changes in my life as an athlete. I went to train with Christian (Minotti ed) and I also found my brother Luca. I am very happy with the bronze. I feel good in the water and also the time gives me great confidence for the future: it will be a very long season ”.

Michele Lamberti goes down again and files another 12 cents to his fresh Italian record in the 50 backstroke: 22 ”79 in the semifinal. For the Russian Kolesnikov record of the championships in 22 ”57, also Lorenzo Mora passes (23” 08, fifth time). Lamberti in 50 ”11 is also in the final in the 100 butterfly: 7th time and the only qualified blue. Truly a great day for the Brescian son of art of 2000.

“I don’t know what my margins are, because I didn’t even think I would go so fast right away: beyond my expectations on the eve of the day. I am very excited and charged. Being in this group, in the midst of so many champions, is a beautiful emotion. I heard from my parents after the heats and I must say that they too were a bit surprised, but undoubtedly satisfied with the Italian record. I like to compete and in fact here in Kazan I have a very rich program that will practically keep me busy every day ”. Arianna Castiglioni (with the best time) and Martina carraro in the 100 breaststroke advance to the final. For three cents the fast relay gives gold to the Netherlands, with three of the 4 members of the 4×100 sl silver at the Tokyo Games. “I did the bare minimum – underlines Ceccon -. This is not my specialty, but it went pretty well ”. Miressi says: “I broke the ice and a good silver came. Of course, those two cents from the Italian record burn a bit. This is a well-assembled relay that can still grow ”. Zazzeri inserts: “Overall it’s a good medal. We were hoping for gold on the eve, but these are finals that are decided on the thread of cents and in which small details are often decisive “. The Bomber hits the thirtieth medal between the World and European Championships: “I am still here to fight, among many young people and it is very motivating at 30 years of age. I still have a lot to give and motivations are never lacking “.

FINALS (1st day). MEN 400 sl: 1. Kroon (Ola) 3’38 “33, 2. Ciampi 3’38” 58 (1’48 “87), 3. De Tullio 3’38” 80 (1’49 “29).

4×50 sl: 1. Olanda 1’22”89 (Puts 21”10, Pijnenburg 20”74, Simons 20”59, De Boer 20”46), 2. Italia 1’22”92 (Miressi 21”20, Ceccon 20”82, Zazzeri 20”24, Orsi 20”66), 3. Russia 1’23”35 (Morozov 21”22, Grinev 20”69, Rylov 20”99, Kolesnikov 20”45).

WOMEN 400 mx: 1. Gunes (Tur) 4’30 ”45, 2. Crevar (Ser) and Franceschi 4’30” 47, 4. Polieri 4’32 ”24.

4×50 sl: 1. Russia 1’34 “92 (Nasretdinova24” 18, Surkova 23 “41, Kameneva 23” 70, Klepikova 23 “63), 2. Holland 1’35” 47, 3. Poland 1’35 “94, 4. Italy 1’37 “92 (Di Liddo 24” 61, Di Pietro 23 “66, Cocconcelli 24” 96, Tarantino 23 “79),

SEMIFINALS – Men, 50 backstroke: 1. Kolesnikov (Rus) 22 ”57 (rec. Cam.), 2. Michele Lamberti 22” 79 (rec. Ital. Prev. 22 ”93 battery), 3. Christou (Gre) 22 “87, 5. Mora 23” 08.

100 butterfly: 1. Zenimoto (Nor) 49 “22, 2. Milak (Ung) 49” 71, 3. Mjerski (Pol) 49 “73, 7. Michele Lamberti 50” 11, 11. Razzetti 50 “29 (el. Revolt 51”03, Carini 51”82).

Donne, 50 sl: 1. Sjostrom (Sve) 23 ”37, 2. Waisck (Pol) 23” 42, 3. Kameneva (Rus) 23 ”79, 4. Surkova (Rus) 23” 96, 5. Di Pietro 23 ”99, 12. Cocconcelli 24” 45. 100 days: 1. Castiglioni 1’04 “31, 2. Chikunova (Rus) 1’04” 53, 3. Godun (Rus) 1’04 “63, 4. Carraro 1’04” 88 (batt .: el. Fangio 1’04”86, Pilate 1’05”23).

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Europeans: silver for Franceschi, Ciampi and the relay, bronze De Tullio