Europeans: silver Uprising and relay, Ceccon bronze. Martinenghi, Miressi and Mora with the record

The blue couple on the podium with Szabo equaling the world record in the 50 butterfly. Ex aequo with Russia for the mixed 4×50 sl. Fourth place in the 200 sl, 100 butterfly and 200 mixed for the blues. All the blue frogs in the final

After three fourth places the blue joys arrive at the short course European Championships in Kazan. Thanks to Matteo Rivolta, who takes silver in the 50 butterfly and takes back the Italian record in 22 ”14 by 5 cents on Thomas Ceccon, who is bronze (the double Olympic medalist yesterday was silver in the 200 mixed medals). In a race dominated by the Hungarian Szebasztian Szabo, equaled the world record of the Brazilian Nicholas Santos in 21 ”75. For the Dolphinist from Arconate, who also took the record, “it was not an impeccable race: the tack was not perfect and I took a long time to finish. To think that when I was young I just couldn’t make it, I was still. Instead now I find myself vice European champion and Italian record holder: how strange life is. I dedicate this medal to my family with all my heart, because I am lucky to have people by my side who support me, especially when there are changes, this year I have changed many things in my life and the results are paying me back in full. At my age I am very proud to compete with these guys and always fight ”. Ceccon admits: “I am delighted to share the podium with Matteo. I did something wrong too, but the 50 is a crazy race and the details make the difference. It is my second individual medal and now I have to look forward to grow, mature and win further “.

The men-women freestyle relay is 0 silver ex aequo with Morozov’s Russia: the quartet in 1’29 “40 asks behind the Netherlands from 1’28” 93 with these fractions: Alessandro Miressi 21 “33, Lorenzo Zazzeri 20 ”59, Silvia Di Pietro 23” 48, Costanza Cocconcelli 24 ”00. Three medals before tomorrow’s grand finale for a loot updated to 24 with 4 golds, 13 silvers and 7 bronzes. Federnuoto announces that this relay race is Italy’s 1000th medal in the European Championships. Miressi says: “It wasn’t an easy medal to take, because all four of us had individual races. We have gone beyond tiredness ”. Di Pietro adds: “We put our hearts beyond the obstacle, as they say. Fast relays are always difficult and dangerous: we didn’t do anything wrong ”. Cocconcelli continues: “After many races this satisfaction has finally arrived. The last few meters were very hard. I’m happy to have kept the team on the podium ”. Zazzart concludes: “Congratulations to Costanza who managed to keep pace with Russia. It was by no means easy. As Alessandro also said, after having competed so much and even at close range, he may lack clarity. We were perfect ”.

Wooden medals

Fourth place full of regrets for Matteo Ciampi, who remains under the podium by 3 tenths to the advantage of the Dutch Stan Pijenenburg (1’42 ”51), in the lead up to 175 meters. The blue, trained in Livorno by Stefano Franceschi, for the first time drops below 1’43 “and consolidates the fifth Italian time trial ever (he had 1’43” 28), while Marco de Tullio is eighth in 1’44 “04 and the staff of the semifinal worsened by 1’43 ”62. The triumph is for the Romanian David Popovici in 1’42 “12: for the 2004 junior champion comes the consecration among the greats with a final of 25” 62 with which the Dutch couple burns (silver to Luc Kroon in 1’42 “20 ).

Di Liddo fourth

Elena Di Liddo, an Apulian dolphinist, is also fourth in the 100 butterfly won by the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom in 55 ”84. The bronze escapes by 26 cents the blue who swims in 56 “61 (26” 34 halfway through the race): with the staff of 56 “06 it would have been silver. This time second ex aequo in 56” 35 are the Greek Anna Ntountounaki and the Belarusian Anasataiya Shkurdai. Eighth is the former world champion Ilaria Bianchi in 57 “98 .. Eighth is the former world champion Ilaria Bianchi in 57” 98. In the 100 backstroke, which are her second race, Margherita Panziera is eighth in 57 “53, thirty cents worse of the semifinal: not even with her record of 56 “57 would she have reached the podium today. Dutch double with Kira Toussaint who in 55” 76 mocked 10 hundredths Maaike De Waard, bronze in 2001 French style Analia Pigree, in 56 “40. one cent, the Belarusian Ilya Shymanovich denies the gold to the Dutch Arno Kamming: 2’01 “73. Another fourth place for Costanza Cocconcelli in the 200 medley: the Bolognese improves from 2’08” 94 to 2’08 “59 but remains under the podium composed by the Australian Gorbenko d’oro in 2’05 “17 on Ugolkova (Svi) 2’06” 41 and Gunes (Tur) 2’07 “67. Too bad for Sara Franceschi’s absence due to indisposition .

The other races

First Benedetta Pilato (29 “67) and Arianna Castiglioni (29” 76) qualify for the finals of the 50 breaststroke, and then with the Italian record (canceled 25 “62 of Scozzoli in 2017) Nicolò Martinenghi (25” 37, also championship record) and Fabio Scozzoli himself (25 ”87). And in the 100 sl Alessandro Miressi stamps the Italian primacy in the queen race: 100 sl in 45 “87, for 3 cents less than the time of Glagow 2019 and as many 3 cents but more than the Russian Kolesnikov in the semifinal. On the blue day of records, Silvia Di Pietro also exceeds in the 50 butterfly behind the 24 “92 Sjostrom (Sve): the Roman swims in 25” 03 (prev. 25 “18 of 24 April in Rome), third De Waard ( Ola) 25 “11, seventh Di Liddo 25” 51. Another Italian record also falls in the 200 backstroke, signed by Lorenzo Mora, who fell in the semifinal to 1’50 ”15 (previously 1’50” 45 on 8 November 109 in Genoa). Michel Lamberti also enters the final with the fifth time in 1’52 ”01.

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Europeans: silver Uprising and relay, Ceccon bronze. Martinenghi, Miressi and Mora with the record