Isl, Chalmers and McKeon sprint in the playoffs. Bianchi is third in Eindhoven

The two Australian Olympians dominate the 100sl. Well done the blue, who in the 200 butterfly in 2’06 ”58 defends for the London Roar the third place behind Hali Flingher. Dressel wins the 100 medley, Orsi 4th

Sunday show in Eindhoven (despite the pandemic) for Isl, the world swimming Champions (from 25 meters), which is about to reach the verdicts of the Final Four (3-4 December). In the 100 sl the Australian domination continues thanks to the two Olympians, also because at the male level, Caeleb Dressel has avoided direct confrontation. Emma McKeon pushes the American of Current Abby Weitzeil by 23 cents, touching in 51 “51 (24” 70) after having tacked halfway behind by a cent, third the biolympic from London, the Dutch Ranomi Kromowidjojo in 51 “81. Kyle Chalmers, fresh from the world championship in 44 “84 in Kazan in the World Cup, tames the queen specialty in 45” 70, inflicting 93 cents to Maxime Rooney. The Australian will also take over the 200 sl in 1’41 “68. There is also a blue podium in the 200 butterfly thanks to the European medalist Ilaria Bianchi, who in 2’06 “58 defends third place for the London Roar behind Hali Flingher (2’04” 62) and the British Thomas 2’06 “11). Silvia Scalia is instead seventh (58 ”52) in the 100 backstrokes won by the home queen Kira Toussaint in 55” 45 and who find on the podium the world record holder Minna Atherton, an erratic Australian. Even the men’s 100 backstrokes recorded a seventh place in Italy with Lorenzo Mora, who is a 200th, in 50 ”75, and with the world record holder Coleman Stewart only fourth in the victory of triolympic Ryan Murphy (49” 51).

Other blues

Fifth place in the 100 medley for Costanza Cocconcelli, who has an Italian record of 58 ”45 and this time touches in 59” 08 while the success goes to the French Beryl Gastaldello in 57 ”87. The American Caeleb Dressel, after avoiding the 100 sl, lets Marco Orsi vent for 75 meters and then takes the men’s 100 medley in 51 “67 of 15 cents on the Scottish Duncan Scott and the Texan Pinfold at 52” 14, while the Bomber touches fourth in 52 ”26. No one in the world goes faster in the 100 breaststroke like Lilly King, leader of the Cali Condors, who prints 1’03 ”35. An excellent Ranomi Kromowidjojo wins the 50 butterfly in 24 ”77 and still shakes the seasoned world championship of the Swedish Alshammar in 2009 (24” 38): Bianchi is eighth in 26 ”77. And by two tenths the Brazilian Nicholas Santos does not break his own world record: 21 ”98. Freya Anderson, British with a bright future, wins the 200 sl in 1’53 “17, rejecting by 6 cents the European long course champion, the Czech Barbora Seemanova, third the Australian Madison Wilson in 1’53” 70 and seventh Costanza Cocconcelli in 1’57 “63 (for 3 cents it does not equal the staff). The Atherton also returns to win the backstroke skin race in 27 ”19. Ryan Murphy finally wins the backstroke skin race but not enough for LA Current to overtake Dressel’s Condors. But at least the final is booked.


4th stage ranking: 1. London Roar 534.5, 2. Cali Condors 474.5, 3. LA Current 438.5, 4. Iron Budapest 324.5.

Provisional general classification (with 2 rounds to go and all with 2 matches): 1. Energy Standard, London Roar and Cali Condors 7; 4. Los Angeles Current 6; 5. Toronto Titans 5; 6. Aqua Centurions and DC Trident 3; 8. Iron Budapest 2.

Upcoming shifts (semifinals last week) – Thursdays and Fridays: Energy Standard, DC Trident, London Roar, LA Current.

Saturday and Sunday: Cali Condors, Iron Budapest, Toronto Titants, Aqua Centurions.

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Isl, Chalmers and McKeon sprint in the playoffs. Bianchi is third in Eindhoven