Isl in Eindhoven: Bianchi wins the 200 butterfly, Shymanovich a world record

In the playoffs, the Bolognese tames the specialty, leaving the Danish Rosendahl at 55 cents. The Belarusian brings the record of the 100 breaststroke to 55 ”28. The 100 sl in Chalmers and Haughey

We are at the verdicts for 4 teams in the fifth stage of the Isl, the World Swimming Championships which in Eindhoven is celebrating the last fires of the playoffs before electing the finalists on 3 and 4 December. While waiting for Federica Pellegrini’s Aqua Centurions (Saturday and Sunday in the race), London Roar, Energy Standard (2019 holders) and Los Angeles Current compete at the last point in this team format show. Ilaria Bianchi wins the 200 butterfly in 2’06 ”33: a success for the London Roar, more and more wild. The former blue champion of the 100 butterfly, leaves the Danish Rosendahl at 55 cents.

Ilya Shymanovich prints the third world record of this third Isl: a 55 ”28 for the Brazilian who on November 19th had swam the previous limit in 55” 32 (passing 25 ”77, this time 25” 85). Siobhan Haugey boasts in 50 “94 the fourth time in history in the 100 sl, tonight the sl won them in 51” 13 against the Australian Madison Wilson (52 “46), in the absence of Emma McKeon.

Sprint Chalmers

Among the men, Kyle Chlamers waiting to really confront Caleb Dressel, still dominates the queen specialty of which he was Olympic champion in Rio, touching in 46 ”23. He has a world record of 44 ”84. The Russian Nikolaev rejects the American Ryan Murphy by 17 cents in 49 “43, who consoles himself in front of the Russian Rylov (his black beast in Tokyo), the Japanese Morimoto by 5 tenths in 1’52” 27 wins a prestigious victory over the South African Olympian Chad Le Clos, while Ingrid Wilm is ahead of 8 cents (55 ”91) in the 100 backstroke on Dutch Kira Toussaint. First victory of the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom in the 100 medley in 57 ”94. In the equivalent female test, the Russian Kolesnikov beats the other European phenomenon in 51 ”51, the Scottish Duncan Scott (51” 78), who makes up for it by dominating the 400 medley in 4’01 ”80. The frog belongs to Alia Atkinson, who in the 100 does not give a chance to the Israeli Gorbenko in 1’04 ”38. Then Therese Alshammar saves her historic world 50 butterfly of 24 ”38 by a whisker from the umpteenth attempt by her Swedish compatriot Sarah Sjostrom, with an encore winner of the day in 24” 72. Ilaria Bianchi is eighth in 26 ”73.

Che Haughey

Another one who scores one-two and shakes the world record is Siobhan Haughey in the 200 sl which have been dominated for years by Federica Pellegrini (1’51 “17): the Energy Standard swimmer from Hong touches in 1’50” 65: the world championship of Sjostrom is at 1’50 “43, the new free style drops below 1’51” for the first time. Sensational. And of course Asian and League records. Sjostrom then slips the third success (6 in two days) thanks to the Energy Standard men-women mixed relay that wins in 3’33 “32: Kubova 56” 88, Shymanovich 55 “15, Le Clos 49” 89, Sjostrom 51 “40.

Finally, the backstroke skin races are by Ingrid Wilm and Ryan Murphy. The Energy Standards win the penultimate stage with 561.5 points over London Roar 498.5 and Los Angeles Current 415.5, whose fate is linked to Sunday’s verdicts. Assuming arithmetic the passage to the finals of 3-4 December always in Eindhoven of Energy Standard and London at 11 and 10 points, and considering that the Cali Condors winning or finishing second on Sunday would total 11 or 10 points, for the last one it will all depend from the Toronto Titans rankings: if they win the stage they will go to 9 points and qualify, if they finish second they would equal the Los Angeles Current to 8 points and it would be worth the direct comparison, in case of third place they would be eliminated and the LA Current would pass.


5th stage ranking: 1. Energy Standard 561.5, 2. London Roar 498.5, 3. Los Angeles Current 415.5, 4. DC Trident 289.5

Playoff general classification (1 round to go): 1. Energy Standard 11 points (3 rounds), 2. London Roar 10 (3), 3. Los Angeles Current 8 (3), 4. Cali Condors 7 (2), 5. Toronto Titans 5 (2), 6. DC Trident 4 (3), 7. Aqua Centurions 3 (2), 8. Iron Budapest 2 (2).

Tomorrow is Sunday: Cali Condors, Aqua Centurions, Toronto Titans, Iron Budapest. Tv: 19 Sky Action.

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Isl in Eindhoven: Bianchi wins the 200 butterfly, Shymanovich a world record