Isl, Rivolta and Razzetti from record. Pellegrini third with the relay

The Milanese cancels the old record of 49 ”54 achieved in 2017 in Eindhoven. The Genoese cancels Ceccon. Martinenghi also wins

I start with a bang for the swimming blues in the Isl playoffs in Eindhoven in the short course. Matteo Rivolta prints the Italian record in the 100 butterfly and celebrates his 30th birthday in the best possible way. The Milanese of the Centurions wins and improves a time trial that had endured since 2017, a 49 ”54 achieved in Eindhoven on 12 August in the World Cup. For Pedoja’s pupil a pass of 22 ”73 and a 49” 05 on the touch to cancel that 49 ”54 four years ago and beat the American Camden Murphy. A time trial that is also the 5th world time of all time.

There is faith

Federica Pellegrini finds the podium in the fast relay of the Aqua Centurions: a great third place snatched from the touch by German Annika Bruhn (52 “96), confirming the great agonistic desire to always prevail of the legendary Faith, which is about to retire after this expedition Dutch in the show format. For Faith also a great time: 53 ”02.

The other blues

For 8 cents the Swedish derby of the 100 butterfly women is by Louise Hansson, who rejects Sarah Sjostro in 55 “91, for 11 cents Elena Di Lido is not third in 57” 07. In the 200 backstroke of the Canadian Kylie Masse (2’01 “52), Federica Pellegrini breaks the ice in 2’06” 01, fifth time. The men’s test is for the Russian Olympian Evgeny Rylov in 1’51 “47, with Simone Sabbioni sixth in 1’54” 35. the 200 pink frogs are owned by the Russian Temnikova in 2’19 “38, with Martina Carraro fifth in 2’21” 75. In the men’s 200 breaststroke, the Belarusian Ilya Shymanovich tames the Dutch Arno Kamminga in 2’02 ”06 by 26 cents, while Nicolò Martinenghi (who is not a 200th player) collects a seventh time in 2’05” 58.

Zazzeri sprint: second

Toronto’s Lorenzo Zazzeri shakes Marco Orsi’s Italian record (20 “69) in second place in the 50 sl in 20” 87. The Florentine, Olympic finalist, gives 23 cents to the British Ben Proud and precedes the American Hoffer of DC Trident (21 ”26), who leaves Ale Miressi behind the podium with 21” 34.

Primacy from Rocket

Then Alberto Razzetti bursts in and this time cancels the Italian record of the 200 medley which he had only touched a week ago: the Genoese from Franceschi swims in 1’52 “10, thus improving by 39 cents the previous record achieved by Thomas Ceccon at the European Championships in Kazan 5 November last. Rocket burns the Olympian of the Centurions, Chase Kalisz from 1’53 “95.

Winning frogs

Thrilling victory in 25 “73 in the 50 breaststroke of Nicolò Martinenghi against the world record holder Shymanovich: one hundredth of a difference between the two, and two for the third place of the thirty-three year old Fabio Scozzoli (25” 76). Italian double in the same specialty: Arianna Castiglioni returns to win in 29 ”78, on Martina Carraro (30” 05), Siobhan Haughey at 30 ”06, there was no Benny Pilato who will soon return to Eindhoven. And the Centurions also win in the men’s fast relay: a 3’06 ”67 with Miressi 46” 08, Grinev 46 ”33, Ceccon 46” 51, Ciampi 47 ”75. In the final mixed, for a fraction of 7 cents, the Italian team is second with a super Rivolta of 49 “87 after Ceccon 50” 54 and Kamminga 55 “63), while the second team is fourth with Scozzoli who is a runner in the shoes of a dolphinist given the absence of Szabo returning from covid). For Matteo Giunta’s team a profitable day, full of excellent feedback and emotions: it may not go to the Finals but it is honoring the show at its best. Now he is third in the third season and tomorrow we continue from this ranking: 1. Energy Standard 284, 2. Toronto Titans 222, 3. Aqua Centurions 212, 4. DC Trident 86. Tomorrow we continue: 7pm (Sky Action).

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Isl, Rivolta and Razzetti from record. Pellegrini third with the relay