Magnifica Pellegrini: last 200 international sl, is third. “So it’s hard to say goodbye”

Federica proudly fights for the farewell race in Islam and gives in only to Seemanova and Flickinger. Tuesday will be at the tricolors of Riccione. His team is 6th, the only blue in the final Pilato and Franceschi

Stefano Arcobelli


They didn’t give her anything, she also had to sweat the last international podium in the Champions Isl in Eindhoven and her third place in the 200 freestyle symbolizes a woman who never gives up. Federica Pellegrini would have liked to win, she tried, she also took the lead at 150 meters, but in the end it was the European long course champion, the Czech Barbora Seemanova, who reached in 1’54. “17 on the American Hali Flickinger 1’54” 36, then Fede third in 1’54 “53. Immense, at 33 years and 3 months after having won all and 89 international medals. And then the mixed men-women relay runs off to swim, with the humility and generosity of all time, putting themselves at the service of the second team of the Giunta team, the Aqua Centurions and reaches fifth place with a 53 ”32 fraction. On Tuesday, Fede will compete in Riccione in the 200 sl, the latest tribute to his club Aniene and to blue swimming.

Before going into the water, the Divine had told Sky: “The important thing was not to finish fourth. No, that’s fine. If you ask the little girl she would be very pissed off… It’s so hard to say goodbye, I won’t physically be able to go back to that 10 year old, but inside of me there is always that little girl who says: try it, try it, try it. After the Tokyo Olympics, if I hadn’t been offered the Isl, my career would surely have ended in Tokyo. I confirm: they were my last international competitions. The federation was very nice to me because they offered me both the Europeans and the World Championships in Abu Dhabi. I said no to the Europeans because I had the recordings of Italia’s Got Talent and most likely I will say no in Abu Dhabi. I say this reluctantly, but honestly at some point it is right to make a final decision “.

Miressi second

The last night of the Isl semifinals, the World Championships in short course swimming in Eindhoven. Games made – Energy Standard, London Roar and Los Angeles Current promoted – but emotions still to be experienced especially for those teams that will not make it to the Final Four. You compete for pride and the best internship placement. Starting with the Aqua Centurions, who defend the first place on the first day. Alessandro Miressi made the first blue podium in the 1100 freestyle: the Turin giant in 46 “81 touches 1” 11 from the American of the Condors Justin Ress (45 “70), who shoots a great pass in 21” 67 compared to the ‘light blue (22 “29). Third is Miressi’s teammate, the Russian Grinev, author of 46 ”92.

Other blue podiums

Alberto Razzetti who competes for the Toronto Titans starts stronger in the 200 butterfly but gives 83 cents to the standard bearer of the Condors, Wang, author of 1’50 ”99. On the podium also Chase Kalisz of the Condors in 1’53 ”12. Two Azzurri on the ideal podium in the men’s 100 backstroke: behind the Romanian winner Glinta from 49 ”84, there are Lorenzo Mora in 50” 17 and Matteo Rivolta 50 ”36, fresh from the great Italian record in the 100 dolphin. Nicolò Martinenghi 1 is third in the 100 breaststroke in 56 “89 behind team mate Arno Kamminga (55” 85) and American Fink (56 “58). Matteo Rivolta is second only to the world record holder, the Brazilian Nicholas Santos, in the 50 butterfly 22 ”09 against 22” 39, third Szabo of the Centurios in 22 ”51. Orsi pride Iron Orsi pride Iron An all-Italian podium in the 100 medley: the Bomber Marco Orsi gives in 51 “98 (23” 35) the success on Thomas Ceccon 52 “04 (23″ 38) and Alberto Razzetti (Tor) 52 ” 16 (23 “75), fifth Scozzoli (Cen) 52” 69. In the success of the Russian of Italy Borodin in 4’03 ”20, Alberto Razzetti (Toronto) also gained third place in 4’04” 06.

The verdicts

Finally, the verdicts, the last of which resulted from the male back skin race won by the Romanian Glinta, which allowed the Iron to beat Matteo Giunta’s team for 2nd place in the last state. Despite the best Revolt, for the trifle of 1 and a half points, the Centurions led by Giunta and led by Fede Pellegrini are third in the round but close together with the Iron of Orsi, Scalia, Mora and Cocconcelli in sixth place; first of the excluded are the Toronto of Razzetti and Zazzeri; in the final we will have only two Italians: Benny Pilato (already in the final in 2020, second with Energy Standard) and Sara Franceschi with Los Angeles Current.

Last round standings: 1. Cali Condors 532.5, 2. Iron Budapest 446, 3. Aqua Centurions 444.5, 4. Toronto Titans 331.

Final classification second phase (tutte 3 match): 1. Energy Standard, Cali Condors 11 punti, 3. London Roar 10, 4. Los Angeles Current 8, 5. Toronto Titans 6; 6. Aqua Centurions e Iron 5, 8. DC Trident 4.

Final Four (3 e 4 dicembre a Eindhoven): Energy Standard, Cali Condors, London Roar e Los Angeles Current 331.

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Magnifica Pellegrini: last 200 international sl, is third. “So it’s hard to say goodbye”