Miressi and 4×100 mixed gold, Martinenghi silver! Paltrinieri loses medal and record

Wonderful the Turin in the 100 sl: victory and Italian primacy. Then he does an encore in the relay with Mora, Rivolta and Martinenghi. Nicolò in the 50 frog beaten by only 2 cents. Greg is fourth and passes the world record in the 1500s to Wellbrock. Italy finishes 3rd with 16 medals (5 golds, 5 silvers and 6 bronzes)

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

On the last day of the World Championships in short course, in Abu Dhabi, Alessandro Miressi is gold with Italian leadership, while Gregorio Paltrinieri loses the medal and the world record.


In 1500 Greg bows to the German Florian Wellbrock, who achieves a masterpiece in 14’06 “88. The previous limit of the blue Olympian went back to the European gold medal in Netanya in 14’08 ”06 on 4 December 2015. Greg is fourth in 14’21” 00, he remains under the podium as in the Games. This time the medal is blown by the silver Tunisian Ahmed Hafnaoui in 14’10 “94, while the bronze is by the outgoing world champion of 2018, the Ukrainian Misha Romanchuk in 14’11” 47. Domenico Acerenza is fifth in 14’24 ”31. Wellbrock starts immediately: at 200 Greg is second in 1’50 “70. At 400 he passes fourth in 3’45 “74 (the German remains first in 3’44” 66). At 500 he still gives in 5’40 “97”, unable to keep up with the surprising Tunisian Hafnaoui, king of the 400 in Tokyo. A frantic chase, as never seen in a 1500, even if in a short course. The positions are now outlined in the middle of the race, when Greg moves to 7’36 “23, while Wellbrock travels in 7’32” 85 and at 1200 still holds out below the world record, increasing pace to 1200 to -21 cents a and 1300 to 31. Besides the medal Paltrinieri also loses the record in the final monologue that sees only the panzer unleashed attack. What a bang. Greg had won world gold in nearby Dubai in 2014, then he had been silver in 2016 at Windsor and in 2018.

Miressi super

One cent gold. Wonderful Miressi, champion of champions, the man of 100 sl capable of an admirable touch in 45 ”57, after a tack from third to 21” 36. Perfect. Italian record of one hundredth compared to the semifinal and the first blue champion in history in the 25-meter pool, not considering Filippo Magnini’s two gold medals in the long course in 2005 and 2007 and the two silvers of Filippo himself in 2006 and 2008 in the short course. The Turin giant beats the American Ryan Held 45 ”63 and the Canadian phenomenon Joshua Liendo in 45” 82, fourth is the Russian Grinev in 46 ”05.

Miressi speaks

“I’m really happy, I have to recover for a moment because I’m quite hyperactive – says Miressi -. I have to try to concentrate on the last relay. I think you are more excited … No Italian had won? It was a success I had been looking for for a long time, it was beautiful, hard fought from the start, I only saw the Canadian next to me. I said to myself: I’ll do my race and I’m going to pick him up at the last 50. That’s what I did ”.

speaks greg

Gregorio comments: “I can’t say exactly what happened. I was on the edge, I could do either very good or very bad. We had prepared these 1500s in a slightly different way, in my opinion it had also gone well. Apparently not. I felt bad yesterday, I thought it was battery fatigue. Instead today I felt terrible. When I wanted to push I didn’t have any. I was dead. And Wellbrock did a stellar race ”.

fangio quinta

The American Emily Escobedo takes the 200 breaststroke in 2’17 “85, mocking the Russian Evgenia Chichunova by 3 cents and the British Molly Renshaw by 11. Under the podium the Swedish Sophie Hansson in 2’18 “13, fifth is Francesca Fangio a 2’19” 77 (32 “20, 1’07” 70, 1’43 “68). The bronze was at 2’17 “96, for Chicca a personal of 2’19” 69. He tried.

Wood blackberry

A huge regret not having grabbed the third personal medal for Lorenzo Mora: the Modenese is in fact fourth in 1’49 “27, a time trial that crushes his Italian record of the European Championships in Kazan in November, when he swam in 1’49” 73. The bronze, for 30 cents less, was blown by the German Christian Diener, author of 1’48 “97, while the Polish Radoslaw Kawecki triumphed in lane number 1 in 1’48” 68 and the silver went to the USA with Shaine Casas in 1’48 “81.


Nicolò Martinenghi never so close to world gold: for the trifle of 2 cents he is silver in the 50 breaststroke in 25 ”55. To mock him to the touch is the American Nic Fink but Tete was once again a great competitor (with the Italian record of 25 ”37 he would have been clearly gold). Above all, he also beats the world record holder Ilya Shymanovich, only fourth in 25 ”84 and behind the Brazilian Gomes jr, bronze in 25” 80. It should be remembered that the Varese rider from 1999 is disputing all the relay races, being the only blue runner after Fabio Scozzoli’s stop for Covid. A really exhausting week but one that still sees Tete, Aniene wearer, a great protagonist. “Almost gold? With almost … nothing is won – says Martinenghi -. However, I’m happy. I played it, there is a little bitterness. I got off to a good start, I saw Ilya (Shymanovich, ed.) Alongside making some mistakes. He was far behind at the start and so I got galvanized ”.

by liddo quinta

Elena Di Liddo is fifth in the 100 butterfly in 56 “34, gets worse from the semifinal in 56” 21 and after a passage to 26 “34 she does what she can with the other four in front, all under 56″ (the Apulian has 56 ” 06 staff). Without the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom, it is the Canadian long course queen Margaret MacNeil who dominates in 55 ”04 (the third time in history) over the Swedish Louise Hansson 55” 10 and the American talent Claire Curzan, author of 55 ”39. Under the podium the compatriot Torri Huske in 55 ”75. The admission of the Pugliese: “The ones in front are from another planet. For now it is like this, everyone has their own rhythms and times. It was a good season, we experimented with this new method, competing a lot. Maybe slightly too much, something less could be done to give more space to training. But it was right to experience this too, to understand how far we can go. I’m fifth in the world ”.

fish sarah, by peter octave

The rose gold of the sprint is of the fastest woman in the world: a triumph for the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom in 23 “08, just 8 cents over her personal, therefore almost a return to the top for the Scandinavian of ice, also under pressure in this crazy 2021. Sarah beats the flying Dutchman Ranomi Kromowidjojo (23 “31) and the Polish Kasja Wasick (23” 40), fourth is the Russian of Italy in Islam, Maria Kameneva (23 “48) and fifth Abby Weitzeil (23 “58), the fastest American of 2021. Eighth is Silvia Di Pietro in 23” 98 after a deadlift at 0.62.

Relay race

A space relay, as super as Alessandro Miressi, to the personal gold trio (and poker of medals). A formidable quartet, this mixed 4×100 capable of crushing (to triumph) the Italian record from 3’23 “51 to 3’19” 76. Sensational time trial that almost shakes the world record of the Russians of 3’19 ”16 but which is still a world championship record. After the launch of the backstroke Lollo Mora in 50 ”34, back from 200, it is up to the runner Martinenghi to take the relay to the second partial place. Then dives the dolphinist Matteo Rivolta who leads Italy and finally Alessandro Miressi shoots his last 100 of the World Cup for the triumph. after that of the queen race. The USA are second in 3’20 “50, Brazil is bronze in 3’23” 57 after the disqualification of Russia from 3’20 “65.


The men’s triumph is truly embellished with superlative performances such as the 55 “94 of Martinenghi, the 48” 43 of Rivolta, which returns home with 4 podiums including gold in the 100 butterfly, and finally the 45 “05 of the Turin giant king of these World Cups. The 4×100 mixed female relay, bronze in 2018 with Federica Pellegrini, this time is sixth in 3’51 “03 with the fractions of the backstroke Silvia Scalia 57” 56, of the runner Martina Carraro 1’04 “98, of the dolphin runner Elena Di Liddo 55 “93 and the free stylist Silvia Di Pietro 52” 56. Sarah Sjostrom’s Sweden triumphs (54 “65, Coleman 51” 60) in 3’46 “20 over Canada 3’47” 36, bronze to China 3’47 “41, under the podium the USA 3’47” 68, fifth Russia 3’49 “49 ahead of the blue. A memorable World Cup ends for Italy with 16 medals: 5 golds, 5 silvers and 6 bronzes which earned her third place in the medal table behind the USA and Canada.

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Miressi and 4×100 mixed gold, Martinenghi silver! Paltrinieri loses medal and record