Quadarella: “From afternoons crying to stomach ache, I’ll tell you about my bronze”

Guest at the Sport Festival, the swimmer told about her experience at the Olympics: “I spent an afternoon crying, despairing, and then I went to win that medal”

From our correspondent Simone Battaggia

Smiling, determined, witty. They called her “Poison” for the determination she put in the tub as a child, but the Trento Sports Festival could not have opened more beautifully. Simona Quadarella, star of blue swimming, in the meeting in Sala Depero told this way about her Tokyo Games, from the gastroenteritis that had struck her before leaving to the bronze epilogue at 800 meters above sea level. “Something happened in the 1500s that I didn’t expect. I knew I had been ill, that I had little strength. My luck was that 1500 was scheduled for the next day. I spent an afternoon crying, despairing, but woke up the next day with a second race to do. “Don’t miss such a great opportunity”, I said to myself, and I went to get that medal that was the goal of the expedition. Also because that way I could have gone on a peaceful holiday ”, he smiles.


Interviewed by Stefano Arcobelli, the Roman told of a topic written in middle school, the most beautiful testimony of her passion as a girl and of the “competition” between sisters at home. “I saw my sister Erica as an idol. She swam, she went fast, I wanted to swim like her if not better. So I did this theme, I still remember it “. Then came the day that Simona, five years younger, beat Erica. “And at home that day there wasn’t much talk about how the race went,” she says with a smile before seeing her sister, who sent her a video message from the Middle East. Simona also smiles talking about her mother Marzia, who over the years has found herself the nickname of “tassinara” for the many kilometers traveled to bring her daughters to train, and her father Carlo, who still swims and trains and has always been in his side, even in the most distant trips.


On the other hand, Christian Minotti, Simona’s coach, intervened live. “There is a phase in the growth of a young swimmer in which those who train him must make him understand that it is time for the turning point. So I did with Simona. I told her “The train is leaving, if you want to get on I am there. You can also decide to stay down and race until next season, but beware it’s not easy ”. She got on it and so far our train arrives on time at all stations. “What do I ask Christian in view of Paris? Surely not to do kilometers less – he jokes -, but to take me even higher than in Tokyo. I’ll look for another medal, that’s clear, but many things can happen. The fact that there are only three years left is fortunate, I think I still have room for improvement but I will have to work hard ”. But now we need to think about the new season. “The post-Olympic year is always different. We will try to reach the maximum strength especially at the World Championships in Fukuoka, where I will try to defend the world gold on the 1500s. The Europeans in Rome will be fun, and then there will be the public. In Tokyo it seemed to be there to do very normal races, the roar of the crowd when you get on the blocks was not there, charging up before the race as you usually do was not easy “.

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Quadarella: “From afternoons crying to stomach ache, I’ll tell you about my bronze”