Short Course World Championships: bronze relay in 4×50. Paltrinieri in the final in the 1500s

Mora, Martinenghi, Rivolta and Zazzeri take third place. Greg touches fourth in the battery: “Tomorrow will be another story”. In the final also Cusinato in the mixed 200 and the men’s 4×50 mixed relay

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

The medal to equal the Shanghai 2006 record haul: a blue bronze in the 4×50 mixed at the short course World Championships in Abu Dhabi in 1’30 “78 behind Russia and the United States, two historic great swimming powers, which touch ex aequo.

The day

At the Short Course World Championships, Italy, already a record for the number of golds (3), is chasing the record for podiums tonight (at 11 it could exceed the quota of Shanghai 2006 where they were 12). The medal cards are the two fresh world champions, Matteo Rivolta in the 50 butterfly and Alberto Razzetti in the 400 medley. In the final also Ilaria Cusinato in the mixed 200 and the men’s 4×50 mixed relay. Meanwhile, Gregorio Paltrinieri is back, in the 1500s who will assign the medals tomorrow evening, last day: Gregorio touches in 14’28 “11, fourth time, behind the Ukrainian Misha Rmanchuk 14’24” 76, the Olympian of 400, the Tunisian Ahmed Hafnaoui 14’25 “77, the 10 km Olympian and long-course champion, the German Florian Wellbrock, author of 14’25” 79, while Domenico Acerenza also qualifies with the 7th time in 14’34 “03.” I did a regular race, the final will be another story “said Greg who in 2014 won his first title in Dubai and is also the record holder of 60 laps in 14’08” 06.

Relay race

A gold for two in 1’30 “51 for the primacy of the championships and the American incredibly equaled, and then the blues who conquer the twelfth medal: the backstroke Lorenzo Mora 23” 24, the runner Nicolò Martinenghi 25 “30, the dolphinist Matteo Rivolta 21 “95 and the freestyle stylist Lorenzo Zazzeri 20” 29. We have not only lost the world record that belongs to us in 1’30 “14 but we get on the podium. Ilaria Cusinato is also fifth and in the final in the 200 medley, who has a personal of 2’06 “17 and swims in 2’07” 70 in the heat. The final as a starting point in the specialty dominated by the American Douglass in 2’04 “24.

Rocket is there

In the 400 medley Alberto Razzetti takes the fourth final of this review with the sixth time in 4’05 “05. The new Genoese world champion is back from the 4×200 relay in which between morning and evening he showed great liberal style skills. Really the pupil of Stefano Franceschi, a 1999 Genoese financier, is astounding the world, leaving him the last tremendous effort tonight to close an unforgettable World Cup in the best possible way.

In the semifinal

Elena Di Liddo (sixth) and Ilaria Bianchi also advance to the semifinals with the thrill of the sixteenth and final time: 56 “95 for the Italian record holder of Hangzhou (56” 06) and 57 “40 for the former world champion of Istanbul 2012 who now at 31 he has to face a parterre of rampant unleashed like baby Curzan (and an eye on the Chinese Zhang Yufei).

What Miressi

Alessandro Miressi and Lorenzo Zazzeri are already in the semifinal in the 100 freestyle, the race of races. The Turin giant swims in 46 “30 (22” 23 in the middle), the Tuscan who loves art is 15 in 47 “27 (22” 51). Both veterans of two medals, a silver in the 4×100 sl and a gold in the 4×50 sl, with Palchetti’s pupil also fourth in the 50 sl, they will try to find themselves together again in the final in the queen specialty. Zazzeri’s design appears more complicated but in the semifinals anything can happen, while Antonio Satta’s pupil will try to reach that individual world gem to confirm himself at the top after the Olympic final from which he was not satisfied. In the lead there is the Canadian emerging from 2002, Joshua Liendo Edwards in 46 “26, then there is Mire and the Russian Grinev (46” 32). In the pink sprint she leads, as always, the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom in 23 “31 by three tenths over the Polish Wasick (23” 63) and the American Abbey Weitzeil (23 “69), while ninth ex aequo with Jensen (Dan) and Coleman (Sve) is Silvia Di Pietro in 24 “15. The Chinese Wu Qingfeng (24 “44) denies the last pass for the semifinals to Costanza Cocconcelli (24” 56), who has a record of 24 “45. The Roman, already world silver at Windsor, has instead an Italian record of 23 “85: what it will take.

Assault frogs

Michael Andrew remains a mystery: the American also jumps the 50 breaststroke, which sees the Belarusian Ilya Shymanovich in the head in 25 “77 on the Turkish Emre Sakci, both world and European record holders, author of 25” 87, third is the Brazilian Gomes jr of a cent on Nicolò Martinenghi who after 26 “02 in the heat will rekindle his turbo frog tonight in the semifinals. He has already obtained silver in the 100 behind Shymanovich: will this be the occasion for a rematch for the blue Olympic bronze?

Che record

Between the medalists and the others there is an evident differential in the 200 medley, which give the Canadian Sidney Pickrem gold in 2’04 “29, the silver to the Chinese world record junior Yu Yiting in 2’04” 48 and the bronze to the American Douglass of 2’04 “68. Ilaria Cusinato is sixth in 2’06” 91, 8 tenths from her Italian record. Alessandro Miressi is the Italian record in the semifinal, in the 100 freestyle, the queen specialty, swam by the Turin giant in 45 “58, the best time ever: the previous limit belonged to him from 7 November in 45” 84. Now all you need is gold. In the same semifinal there is Lorenzo Zazzeri, fresh from bronze fatigue and eighth in his series and sixteenth overall in 47 “50.

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Short Course World Championships: bronze relay in 4×50. Paltrinieri in the final in the 1500s