Short Course World Cup: bronze Revolt in the 50 butterfly. 100 sl: Miressi is an Italian record

In Abu Dhabi the Milanese climbs to the lowest step of the podium smashing the Italian record: from 22 “14 to 22” 02. The Turin giant is splendid in the semifinal of 100: 45 “58 is the Italian record and best time ever. Di Liddo in the final of the 100 butterfly, Di Pietro in that of the 50 sl

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli


The medal to equal the Shanghai 2006 record haul: a blue bronze in the 4×50 mixed at the short course World Championships in Abu Dhabi in 1’30 ”78 behind Russia and the United States, two historic great swimming powers, which touch ex aequo. A gold for two in 1’30 “51 for the primacy of the championships and the American incredibly equaled, and then the blues who conquered the twelfth medal: the backstroke Lorenzo Mora 23” 24, the runner Nicolò Martinenghi 25 “30, the dolphin player Matteo Rivolta 21 “95 and the free stylist Lorenzo Zazzeri 20” 29.

Che record

Between the medals and the others there is an evident differential in the 200 medley, which give the Canadian Sidney Pickrem gold in 2’04 “29, the silver to the Chinese world record junior Yu Yiting in 2’04” 48 and the 2’04 ”68 American Douglass bronze. Ilaria Cusinato is sixth in 2’06 ”91, 8 tenths from her Italian record. Alessandro Miressi is the Italian record in the semifinal, in the 100 freestyle, the queen specialty, swam by the Turin giant in 45 ”58, the best time ever: the previous limit belonged to him from 7 November in 45” 84. Now all you need is gold. In the same semifinal there is Lorenzo Zazzeri, fresh from bronze fatigue and eighth in his series and sixteenth overall in 47 ”50.

More bronze

Matteo Rivolta wins the second medal of the day, another bronze this time in the 50 individual butterfly: with a great time, indeed the Italian record pulverized from 22 “14 to 22” 02, for a third place behind the world record holder Nicholas Santos, Brazilian from 21 ”93, and Dylan Carter of Trinidad and Tobago 21” 98. Rivolta also won gold in the Olympic 100 butterfly.

The protagonists

After the medal, Martinenghi says: “We knew it was difficult to win, however it was a good race, we did a few tenths more than the world record, which fortunately remained intact. We are very happy for the medal, they all went well. I am very very happy ”. Mora adds: “The Russians were fierce, they wanted a rematch, unfortunately I didn’t manage to set yesterday’s time, I didn’t get close. It was a relay that with Micky (Michele Lamberti, ed) had set the world record. I know I’m not at his height of Micky’s 22 ”6, it’s not a time within my reach. Yesterday I swam 22 ”9 and I would have liked to get closer to him. I don’t know if it was yesterday’s adrenaline rush, or many things, I swam many more times 23 ”2 than 22” 9, so 22 ”9 came out yesterday I don’t know how while 23” 2 is what belongs to me. It is still a bronze. I’m sorry because the other guys could have deserved another result ”. The new record holder Miressi: “I am very happy with this weather. I’ve been trying to do this for a while. I did it after all the unforeseen events of these months. I said I would do my best. It was to make things clear, certainly. I hadn’t gone down with the defeat of the morning by the Canadian ”. And Zazzeri: I gave my best, honestly in this 100 I was not lucid, too little interval from one race to another. Regaining energy in such a championship is not easy. I squeezed myself for the relay. Cusinato also speaks, who from January will be coached by Matteo Giunta in Verona: “I go out with a smile, I’m really happy, swimming 2’06” is a great satisfaction. I did an attacking game, I didn’t want to leave anything, not even in style. I come home with three sixth places. A great lazy but I come out so very happy. It is a starting point in view of the long pool “.


Elena Di Liddo flies to the final in the 100 butterfly: third time in 56 ”21 behind only the Swedish Louise Hansson 55” 81 and the American Torri Huske 56 ”13. The girl from Bisceglie has an Italian record of 56 ”06. Ilaria Bianchi is 15th in 57 ”03.

Two more endings

For two fundamental cents, Silvia Di Pietro, from Rome in ’94 with a world medal at Windsor, takes the final of the 50 sl in 23 ”94, only four cents from her Italian record. The fastest is the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom in 23 ”30. Nicolò, on the other hand, returns to the water after the bronze to take the final of the 50 breaststroke with the third fastest time in 25 “87, behind the Belarusian Shymanovich 25” 55 and the American Nic Fink 25 “68: the brawl will be rekindled tomorrow as in the 100 Olympic.

Speak Revolt

Riot: “Does Santos prove that we can go on with age? I don’t know if he’s the exception proving the rule or what else. Personally I am very happy with the performance. Three cents less would have been nicer. But I’m happy to have had a good race after the relay half an hour earlier. Where I had swum very contracted and I was not able to express myself at my best. But I’m finding it good to compete and compete. It was something I had been missing for a long time. I’m happy. The budgets are always made at the end but so far it has been a decidedly exciting career. Between the ups and downs it has been an eventful journey and it will serve as a lesson for me also in the future ”.

Rocket breaks the wall

Alberto Razzetti is wooden but breaks the wall of 4 minutes: the first Italian to break the threshold in 3’59 “57 with a notable progress from 4’00” 34: if you stay under the podium with this time trial and after a week of competition to squeeze (gold in the 200 butterfly, bronze in the 200 medley and fourth in the 4×200 and 400 medley). The pupil of Franceschi, a 1999 Genoese financier, passes to dolphin at 54 “54, backstroke at 1’56” 97 and breaststroke in 3’04 “20, as those three in front are not able to do much, against the Japanese world champion Seto (3 ‘ 56 “26) also in long course, the Russian Ilia Borodin in 3’56” 47 and the American talent Carson Foster in 3’57 “99. A great World Cup for the Italian Rocket.

World record

In the double of the women’s 50 backstrokes, the third world record collapses in Abu Dhabi: by the hand of Margareth Macneil, with oriental traits and in the summer dolphinist, who in 25 “27 cancels the limit of November 2020 made at the Isl in Budapest by the Dutch Kira Toussaint in 25 ”60, which therefore remains only European now). And the silver of the Masse is at 25 ”62, while the bronze is of the Swedish Louise Hansson in 25” 86, blown by ten cents to the French Pigree.

Razzetti speaks

The release of the world champion: “I really wanted to go under 4 minutes. Being fourth after going under 4 minutes is sorry, because it is usually a time to win. The other guys were good. They made a lot of time, like mine. I can’t regret that much. I have no regrets from this championship ”.

Between China and Canada

The gold of the 100 women’s breaststroke is by the Chinese woman in 2004 Tang Qianting in 1’03 “47, the ninth world time trial in history that takes over from the European record of Benedetta Pilato, born in 2005, author of 1’03” 55. It is also an Asian record and allows the Chinese to reject the Swedish Sophie Hansson (1’03 “50, also now in front of the blue in the ranking of all time) and the Irish McSharry 1’04” 03, an affordable time for Italians left without ending. Finally Canada adds to the gold of Pickrem and Macneill also the title of the 4×200, which they had won in 2016 at home in Windsor: in 7’32 “96 beaten by over four seconds the USA (7’36” 53) and the China defender (7’39 “92), Russia 7’42” 46 under the podium. Tomorrow last day with the final expectations of the 100 sl of Miressi and 1500 of Paltrinieri. Italy now boasts 13 medals: 3 golds, 4 silvers and 6 bronzes. Never so many podiums in the short course world championship.

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Short Course World Cup: bronze Revolt in the 50 butterfly. 100 sl: Miressi is an Italian record