Super Martinenghi d’oro! Paltrinieri, Zazzeri and Panziera d’argento, Bianchi di bronzo agli Europei

In Kazan another great blue session: Gregorio yields in the 1500s only to a great Wellbrok. The sprinter is close to the coup, the backstroke gives the title to Toussaint, the Bianchi is confirmed in the 200 butterfly

Stefano Arcobelli


A gold, 3 silvers and a bronze in the third day of the European short course championships in Kazan, Russia: gold for Martinenghi in the 100 breaststroke with Italian record, silver for Paltrinieri in the 1500s, Zazzeri in the 50sl and Panziera in the 200 backstrokes, bronze for the 4×50 mixed women relay with Italian record.

Gold and records

Extraordinary Nicolò Martinenghi, from lane number 6 like the other gold of Martina Carraro’s 100 breaststroke, triumphs with an impeccable performance and an Italian record, breaking the 56 ”wall. A triumph in 55263 after a passage in the middle of the race just 8 hundredths more from the 25 “95 of the world record holder Ilya Shymanovich, the Belarusian world record holder who is beaten to the touch in 55” 73, bronze for the Dutch Arno Kamminga, the Olympic silver behind Peaty (the only big absent), who touches in 55 ”79, fourth the Turkish Emre Sakci 56” 25, fifth the 33 year old Fabio Scozzoli in 56 ”34. Tete snatches the Italian record from Scozzoli who held it in 56 ”15. Martinenghi says: “« This was one of the best races of my life. I think I have not done anything wrong: I have not made any mistakes and in general there are always some flaws. I would never have thought of winning and even with the Italian record. I don’t really know what to say ”.

Gioia Panziera

Other joys had come first. Three races, three medals for Italy. Margherita Panziera goes down a step but remains on the podium at the European Championships in Kazan in the short course. The blue of the Aniene touches silver in 2’02 “05 behind the Dutch Kira Toussaint, who triumphs in 2’01” 26. Third was the Austrian Lena Grabowski, while the Russian Daria Ustinova, who was traveling on the rhythms of the blue, gives up. The Venetian returns to recover a medal after the European gold in the long course and after an Olympics from which she came out unsatisfied. A silver to start again, and especially after trying to take the Dutchman, always leading the 50 with a margin of 33 cents, at 100 meters with an advantage of only 12 but increased to 150 in 1 “10, when Margherita s’ realized it wasn’t going to end like Glasgow in 2019.

Zazzeri sprint

After the Italian silver back, the freestyle silver matures: Lorenzo Zazzeri’s sprint in 20 “84 in the 50 freestyle is only 12 cents worse than the gold one of Szebastian Szabo, Hungarian of the Centurions, who therefore denies the triumph to the Olympic relay runner-up champion. Zazzeri also touches the Italian record of Marco Orsi, of 20 “69: the Bolognese in the water is eighth in 21” 32. The bronze is of the Polish Pawel Juraszek in 20 “95 ex aequo with the former Russian champion Vladmir Morozov. Zazzart comments: “The world record (yesterday with the relay ed) put an incredible boost in my body. I woke up this morning with the desire to compete and break the world ”.

White Butterfly

In the 200 butterfly, Ilaria Bianchi is bronze with a solid 2’05 “43 which is enough for her to leave the strong Hungarian Jakabos (2’05”67) under the podium. double distance in short course and he does it with excellent results, as we have seen also today. The gold is of the Russian Svetlana Chimrova in 2’04 “97, the silver is of the Danish Helena Bach in 2’05” 02. Sixth Alessia Polieri in 2’07 ”95. Ilaria says: “I still have something to give to swimming. The 200 butterfly are very tough: in the last 25 meters I had very heavy arms but I managed to resist and get a bronze which means a lot, considering that I am surrounded by very young athletes “.

Greg’s longest

The panzer beats Greg. Florian Wellbrock takes the title of the 1500s, the most stressful race and 60 laps long. After a beautiful and uncertain duel the German wins in 14’09 “88 (third time in history, Hackett ousted) against 14’13” 07 of the Italian Olympian, third the other German Schwarz in 14’26 “24, under the podium the Russian Martynychev in 14’26 ”40, seventh the other blue Domenico Acerenza in 14’38” 85. A head-to-head with the German always slightly controlling the blue rival, who suffered 41 cents at 700 meters, and then always half a second until the progressive failure, to the surrender in the last 300 meters of Greg, who had been gold in Glasgow . The smile and the hug, however, announced the mutual satisfaction: because Wellbrock had fulfilled the mission of taking the first European title in the short course, and Greg for having fought like a lion, for having tried without being at the top.

No regrets

Greg says: “Swimming 14’13 on November 4th is really remarkable for me, considering that I trained until yesterday and that I come from a season in which I have never really stopped. The fact that my time is not for gold gives an idea of ​​what the level is in the 1500s especially in Europe: my opponents are all from the old continent. Now let’s see who will be at the Doha World Cup, but I am convinced that sooner or later my world record will fall. From this race I have absolutely nothing to reproach myself with, on the contrary I am very satisfied. Now I have 800 and let’s see what comes: I feel good and I know that I cannot be at the top in this period ”.

What a relay

Finally, the bronze medal of the 4×50 mixed women’s relay with an Italian record behind Russia 1’44 “19 (Kameneva 26” 42, Godun 29 “47, Surkova 24” 49, Klepikova 23 “81) and Sweden 1’44” 32 (Rosvall 26 “57, Fast 29” 96, Junevik 24 “85, Sjostrom 22” 94). For the blue quartet 1’44 “46 (previous record 1’44” 92) with the backstroke Silvia Scalia 26 “59, the frog Arianna Castiglioni 29” 36, the butterfly Di Liddo 24 “97 and the free stylist Silvia Di Pietro 23” 54.

The semifinals

Alberto Razzetti – whose second fastest time in 1’53 “39 is only 31 hundredths worse from the time trial of the Greek Vazios – and Thomas Ceccon, sixth in 1’54” 73, land in the final in the 200 medley. The Genoese is golden, the Vicenza is returning to a specialty in which he has great margins. For 9 cents, Costanza Cocconcelli misses the final of the queen specialty: her 53 ”26 is worth the fourth Italian place ever. Promoted with the fifth fastest time, again in the 100 sl, Silvia Di Pietro, who has a staff of 52 ”86 necessary to aspire to the podium tomorrow. In the lead is the Swedish Sarah Sjostrom in 52 ”21. In the 100 backstrokes dominated by the Russian Kolesnikov (49 “15), Italy places another two: Lorenzo Mora is fifth in 50” 12, Matteo Rivolta is seventh in 50 “62. For a cent, in the final of the 100 medley, the Polish Aljcia Tchorz (57 “82) blows the gold to the Russian Kameneva (Rus), while Sarah Sjostrom, back from 100 sl, touches bronze in 58” 05, the same suffers from fatigue Costanza Cocconcelli, seventh in 59 “10. The Bolognese has 58 ”45 staff (Italian record) to get to the bronze of the Swedish she had to file 4 tenths. He will do it again. In the semifinals of the 200 breaststroke two other entries for the blue behind Chikunova (Rus) 2’18 “08, Temnikova (Rus) 2’19” 20 and Horska (R.Cec) 2’20 “04, Francesca Fangio is fourth in 2 ’20 “09 and Martina Carraro seventh in 2’21” 96. After the flop in the 100 butterfly, the Hungarian Milak regains the distance in his favorite specialty, the 200: 200 butterfly: the Hungarian is the fastest in the semifinal in 1’51 “33 on Ivanov (Bul) 1’51” 89 and Pavlov (Rus) 1’52 “07, fourth Alberto Razzetti in 1’52” 18, ninth and first of the excluded Giacomo Carini in 1’53 “97. For 37 cents Giunta’s pupil is out. ilvia Scalia, another newcomer in the Giunta group in Verona is fifth in the semifinals of the 50 backstrokes in 26 ”26, behind Elena Di Liddo in 26” 25. The first three strokes are by Pigree (Fra) 26 ”05, 2. Toussaint (Ola) 26” 07, 3. De Waard (Ola) 26 ”10.

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Super Martinenghi d’oro! Paltrinieri, Zazzeri and Panziera d’argento, Bianchi di bronzo agli Europei