“TaekwonTekken” is born: on May 2nd the first online tournament

Fita and Italian Tekken League united for the first online tournament based on the famous video game Tekken7: experts and members will be able to compete for the coveted title. Registration is open and on Saturday 2 May the finals will be broadcast live on ITL’s Twitch channel

Fita, always at the forefront, was among the first federations to welcome eSports starting from the two editions of the Rome Grand Prix 2018 and 2019 which saw the presence of gaming champions in a dedicated space where hundreds of children and boys had the opportunity to test themselves with video game-style fights. From the synergy between Fita and ITL, Italian Tekken League, “TaekwonTekken” was born, the first online tournament of Tekken 7, the famous “fighting” style video game in which the protagonists clash to aspire to the title of “The King of Iron Fist. Tournament “. A historic event that will be staged on Saturday 2 May, dedicated to all Italian taekwondo enthusiasts who in this quarantine period have refined their playing technique in the company of Hwoarang and associates! The tournament foresees the participation of 128 players who will face each other in single elimination fights, exactly with the method used for the draws of the classic taekwondo competitions. The most exciting matches and the final stages of the Tournament will be broadcast live on the Italian Tekken League Twitch channel. This is just one of the online initiatives that Fita is promoting to keep the Italian taekwondo community active, the European online Poomsae tournament for example has already collected more than a thousand members from 80 countries. But let’s find out more about how the “TaekwonTekken” will take place and how to register.


The tournament will be divided into two different competitions, one for pro players (ITL TEKKEN 7 Agonisti-Pro Player), then professional and expert players, while the other dedicated to FITA members (FITA members). It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to register for only one tournament among the above. But that’s not all! There will be a third competition open to all (BEST HWOARANG ITL), where the winner will be named “Bosso Finale” for a final decisive match with the winner of the Fita members’ tournament. What do you need to participate? You will need your PSN ID (Your ID displayed when you play online and use other Playstation Network online features) with an active PlayStation Plus membership and a Playstation 4 console. click here. In case of errors, doubts or wrong registration please contact the Italian Tekken League administrators through the official facebook page or by email at: [email protected] putting “TaekwonTekken” as the subject of the email.


60 second match with victory attributed to the achievement of 3 won rounds. Only “default” and “preset” costumes, nothing original. Tournament with double elimination (winner and loser bracket). Ft2 format (to win the game you need to win two matches) for the whole tournament, except for the finals (winner, loser and grand final) where it will be ft3 (to win the match you need to win 3 matches). The loser of the match can decide whether to change the stage. Not respecting the aforementioned rules means giving the victory of the match to the opponent. If there are technical difficulties (desync, connection dropped, etc.) not attributable to any player, the entire match will be repeated all over again. If a player makes it impossible to play the game (does not show up on time, has connection problems, etc.) the victory will be attributed to the opponent. If a player has an unsportsmanlike attitude or verbal aggression towards other participants, organizers or spectators of the tournament he will be disqualified. Ready to play?

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“TaekwonTekken” is born: on May 2nd the first online tournament