Djokovic misses the Australian Open even in video games: here’s why

The story of the Australian Open takes hold, but even in video games the relationship between Djokovic and the tournament is unexpectedly complicated.

The case Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open he continues to hold the ground and, while the Serbian tries not to be expelled from the nation that will host the first Grand Slam of the season, another curious detail emerges from the world of video games. The number one in the ATP world rankings is not in fact present in AO Tennis 2, the last official video game of the Australian Open, a detail that, in retrospect, can only tear a smile, considering the chaos of last hours.

The Official Australian Open Game –

Tennis has historically had a complicated relationship with the gaming world and fans know well that the times of simulation series like Top Spin are very far away. The last to have tried it is Big Ant Studios which, with the publication of Nacon, has made two official titles of the Australian Open, with AO Tennis 2 launched in January 2020. The game uses the Australian Slam license, which brings with it reproductions of the logos and fields where the tournament takes place, as well as a number of more or less famous tennis players included in the package (for a total of 26) . Among them, Rafael Nadal, Stan Wawrinka, John Isner, Marin Cilic, Ash Barty and Karolina Pliskova.

Why is Djokovic missing? –

As extensive as it is, the list makes noise more for absences than for presences. In fact, there is no such people Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Dominic Thiem, Sofia Kenin and, above all, Novak Djokovic. There are no official explanations for these absences but the most plausible reason is that these players are not “covered” by the package acquired along with the Australian Open license. This means that Djokovic’s inclusion should be discussed individually with his entourage and against the payment of ad hoc licensing costs which, apparently, the publisher may have preferred not to bear. Such a case could hardly be applied to football, where the FIFPro license (the world association of footballers) guarantees the features and names of all the members.

Players work around the problem –

However, the gaming community is known for its penchant for creativity, and this is how even such a limitation is best circumvented. AO Tennis 2 provides a tool for creating their own original tennis players and players are taking advantage of this craft editor to introduce Djokovic (nine times winner of the Australian Open), Federer and all the other big absentees, as demonstrated in this video. One problem remains, which is that licensed tennis players have custom designed animations to replicate their style and the way they behave on the pitch, while these PES-style “impersonations” of the community, for obvious reasons, can’t.

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Djokovic misses the Australian Open even in video games: here’s why