Nole to the fans: “Thanks for the support.” He faces three years of expulsion from Australia

Australian law is very strict for those with an irregular visa, Djokovic is also prohibited from changing hotels. His wife Jelena: “The only universal law is that of love”. And the “enemy” Kyrgios: “They are behaving badly with him”

“Novak Djokovic is not detained. He can leave the country whenever he wants and the border police will do everything to facilitate his departure,” said Australian interior minister Karen Andrew who also confirmed the visa investigation of at least two other “individuals. “that they would have an illegal visa. But beyond the concrete possibility of skipping the Australian Open, nipping in the bud the possibility of chasing the Grand Slam again, and risking the world throne, Nole left for Melbourne sure of a medical exemption, risks well more. According to Australian law, which is very strict in terms of immigration policies, anyone found with an irregular visa risks three years of “disqualification”, that is to say that they will no longer be able to enter Australian territory. Confined to his hotel, Nole sent a social message to fans around the world: “Thank you for your support.”

Jelena’s words

Meanwhile, the mobilization of fans and demonstrators under the Park Hotel in Melbourne, where the Serbian champion is located, continues and the police of the city in the State of Victoria have also had to intervene. Australian media reports of arrests of the most violent protesters, while Djokovic’s request to move to a place where he can train should the situation turn out in his favor, has been denied. In the meantime, Novak’s wife made herself heard on social media. In a tweet on Orthodox Christmas day, she wanted to thank those who are mobilizing for her husband: “Thanks to all of you who are making love for my husband felt. I’m trying to breathe deeply to keep calm and try to understand that. that is happening. I believe that the only law that everyone must respect, across any border, is that of love and respect for human beings. Love and forgiveness are never a mistake but a great strength “.

Meanwhile, Nick Kyrgios, usually very hard towards Djokovic, also wanted to show his solidarity with the Serbian player: “I absolutely agree that the covid must be faced and fought, and in fact both my family and I got vaccinated for defend ourselves and others, but I think the world in which Australia is behaving towards Nole is really bad. Nole is one of the greatest champions ever, and above all he is a human being: try to behave better “.

The priest’s visit

Considering the religious holiday, Novak Djokovic was able to receive a visit from a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Melbourne who first asked permission from the immigration authorities: “Our Christmas is full of many customs and it is like this It is important that a priest visit him – said the dean of the church, Milorad Locard -. The whole situation is frightening and that Nole spent Christmas in detention … it is absurd “.

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Nole to the fans: “Thanks for the support.” He faces three years of expulsion from Australia