The best Xbox Game Pass games of 2021

2021 was very prolific for Microsoft’s subscription service. And now is the time to look at the year it has been for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass took the opportunity of the pandemic and took advantage of the two-year period 2020-21 to establish itself as the most talked about subscription service on the net. And talked about it with merit, having consistently added a large number of titles of good or even excellent level to its catalog. The grafts came both from internal Microsoft teams, who had spent the first year of the Xbox Series X | S with the lights off, and from close collaborations by the North American label with some of the most well-known developers or publishers.

The best games of 2021 on Xbox Game Pass –

In fact, more and more titles have been integrated into the on-demand library since the day of release, a key on which Redmond has focused a lot to give the idea of ​​how much more advantageous it is to subscribe, rather than buy a la carte video games. But what were the best games added to Xbox Game Pass of 2021? These are the choices of at the end of the videogame season.

Back 4 Blood —

Back 4 Blood it’s not the best video game of the year and is probably not even on a list of candidates. However, its addition to Xbox Game Pass is like a wedding written in the stars. How many would have bought it at full price? And, above all, how many would have found three other friends to fill the room with four users to start a serious game with? Left 4 Dead’s spiritual heir, with the questionable choice of supplementing the original formula with decks of cards, has based all his success on the subscription embrace.


Football Manager 2022 —

Football Manager 2022 is probably the best update of the historic management series in recent years. The new chapter does not revolutionize the series and leaves some of the endemic issues of the Sports Interactive franchise intact, but adds new features such as the Data Center and a new animation engine that makes it a significant step forward compared to previous years. Add us that now you can have it for just € 9.99 …

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 –

Regardless of The Game Awards jury, Forza Horizon 5 is perhaps the most serious nominee for the Game of the Year award. The new chapter does not revolutionize the arcade motorsport series but introduces a Mexican setting and an even more fluid progression, even more enjoyable, compared to the fourth British episode that had turned the spotlight on Playground Games. With a graphics sector that for the first time has made us understand what the next-gen will be like, it was also the signal of the value that the Xbox Game Pass subscription will take on as soon as i Game Studios they will begin to mesh.

Hugo Award

Hades —

Hades did not come out this year (it was already available for some time for PC and Nintendo Switch) but it has only arrived nel 2021 su Xbox One e Xbox Series X|S, ending up in Microsoft’s subscription since day one. The game needs no introduction: it is a roguelite that will keep you glued to the screen with fast and customizable action, deep narration and a bewitching interpretation of the Greek myth. It is no coincidence that the title of GOTY is played with The Last of Us Part II…

it takes two

It Takes Two —

It Takes Two is a romantic comedy from the creator of A Way Out, that Josef Fares who is capable of completely overturning expectations every time. While everything changes with each release of the former filmmaker, cooperative gameplay remains a cornerstone. Thus, even the latest addition from Hazelight Studios, who arrived on Xbox Game Pass a few weeks ago, is unrivaled when it comes to wielding a pad. together with your loved one or to a special friend to share sweet, funny and heartwarming moments – all in one night.

xbox game pass

Psychonauts 2 —

Psychonauts 2 is a rather adherent sequel to the original chapter of Tim Schafer’s historic series, brought back to life quite surprisingly first through a fundraiser, then with the help of Microsoft at the publication. Gelatinous graphics in Pixar sauce, funny characters and a weird story – it’s Psychonauts exactly as you remembered it. This is enough for it to be one of the best titles available on Xbox Game Pass, as well as one of the few three-dimensional platformers – an increasingly rare genre – in circulation, testifying to how diversity is a fundamental factor for the subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass

Octopath Traveler —

Like Hades, Octopath Traveler is not a new release but was added to Xbox Game Pass only in 2021. Its arrival on the on-demand platform has a very high symbolic value, as it testifies to Microsoft’s embrace of the Japanese industry. and its fans around the world, after having long renounced – leaving the field free in strands such as the JRPG to PlayStation and Nintendo – to approach them. Square Enix’s title has the same narrative premise as Final Fantasy VI and a combat system in stile Bravely Default that will keep you glued to the screen.


Unpacking —

Who has never faced a move? Moving home can be a traumatic experience, but in the case of Unpacking we are at the opposite extreme. It is a colorful puzzle in which to unpack boxes and arrange their objects on the shelves of a new home. All this, since we are talking about a video game, without the anxiety of having to really arrange the objects on the shelves of a new home. It is probably the most zen experience that Xbox Game Pass will offer you in 2021.

xbox game pass

The Forgotten City —

From the mod of Skyrim to 85 of Metacritic the step, it would seem, is quite short. This is the story of The Forgotten City, a title that transforms the most immersive RPG experience and acclaimed of the last decade in a story-driven product set 2,000 years ago. Players will have to unravel the mystery of a cursed Roman city, where everyone dies as soon as someone commits a sin: an experience that lasts only a few hours, but is worth trying.


Halo Infinite —

The multiplayer, which will be free even for non-subscribers, has bewitched anyone who has tried it thanks to the surprise beta launched to celebrate 20 years of Xbox. But the highlight is the single-player campaign, which for the first time features a modern open world setting – the mysterious Zeta Halo – in which to wander as the Master Chief between missions. Curious to know what Cortana has in mind after the Halo 5: Guardians finale? Understandable but, before you get there, you can save some marines and upgrade your arsenal in Halo Infinite…


Not only big, however, on Xbox Game Pass and in 2021 there was a good injection of indie or in any case of smaller productions which are worthwhile take a look. The Artful Escape, The Medium, Twelve Minutes, Sable, The Ascent, Boyfriend Dungeon these are just some of the names that convey the idea of ​​how the greatest value of Microsoft’s subscription today lies in the ease of access to such a large number of titles that you would not buy – and would not discover – without . Come on, then, and take the opportunity to get out of your videogame comfort zone.

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The best Xbox Game Pass games of 2021