The star about the horror damage – and the hellfire: “Had to cut really hard”

Andrew Musgrave on setbacks and hellfire

RUKA. That Andrew Musgrave is ready to start in Ruka is hard to believe when you see these pictures.

The British skier crashed during an off-piste trip last spring, tore his pectoral muscle and was forced to undergo surgery.

– They had to cut quite a lot in the shoulder .., the 31-year-old tells Sportbladet.

We begin by warning sensitive readers. The pictures from the operation this spring are stripped. Andrew Musgrave has chosen to open on his private social media share photos from the operation itself.

It looks brutal, but the outcome of the accident has been good.

The crash happened during a summit trip on randonee skis this spring. Andrew Musgrave, who competes for the British national team but lives in Norway, hung out with a friend and during the off-piste trip he landed wrong and fell backwards in a jump.

– It was heavy snow and one arm sank into the heavy snow and got stuck there while the rest of the body continued down. Then the whole pectoral muscle was pulled off. But it did not hurt so damn, he says and continues:

– I went down to the car and then I understood that something was not right. I had to have an MRI and we soon understood what had happened. I came in for surgery already a week after it had happened, says Andrew Musgrave.

The operation went well. The surgeon reattached his pectoralis major to the front of his shoulder.

– The surgeon was very pleased that I came in early because then the muscle was still mobile and it was easy to pull it in place. They put four screws in the leg and sewed the tendon with a Kevlar thread. The operation could not have gone better. I do not notice anything. I am equally strong on both sides again, says the 31-year-old.

Woke up with huge headaches

The skier, who has participated in three Olympic Games, probably has good medical meat because already after ten weeks he was back on roller skis.

– It often takes six months to get started again, he says.

This summer’s training went well, but during the autumn Andrew Musgrave suffered another setback.

One day he got a severe headache at the same time as he started to get red around one eye. A doctor’s visit later, he received eye drops and then went to camp.

Once there, he woke up with a rash on his face.

– I thought I had become allergic to the drops I had received, Musgrave explains.

However, it turned out to be a viral infection.

– In Norwegian it is called hellfire, says Musgrave.

Like chili in an open wound

Shingles – also called hell fire – often leads to enormous pain. Musgrave experienced this a few days later.

– It hurts like hell in my head. And it stung so in the skin, it was like having an open wound that you put chili in. It was uncomfortable, but it got better after a week and I was back in training after seven or eight days. You can get serious visual impairment, so I was back in the hospital several times and checked it out, he says.

The illness meant that he came to the national premiere in Beitostölen last week with a heavily trained body because the autumn efforts have been slightly shifted.

Now, however, he is healthy, strong and ready to start in this weekend’s distance race.

– I had to train a little more before last weekend so I was not in top shape. But I think the shape should be back now.

You’ve had your share of bad luck now?

– Yes, but I have also had a huge turn after that case. The operation went so well. I hurt myself, but it could not have gone better than it has.


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The star about the horror damage – and the hellfire: “Had to cut really hard”