Tomori and Tonali, the essentials are back: solidity and order return with them

Without the Englishman, he conceded 7 goals in 2 games. In the middle Sandro is the only one that Pioli cannot give up

Milan, who had exalted themselves in the difficulties, gaining momentum in the run-up to the top, this time did not overcome the obstacle. The stumbling block against Sassuolo costs first place in the standings. In other games, the alternatives to the owners had led to underlining the strength of the enlarged group, in which the front lines and reserves were perfectly interchangeable. Two days ago it did not work: the absences were added to the tiredness of the championship round following the Champions League away match, and consequently the lack of clarity – it was Pioli’s thesis to motivate the defeat – in the game choices. Further up the front lines there are also the essentials and Tomori and Tonali, both absent on Sunday afternoon, belong to the category: the first out due to injury, the second for technical choice, who took over when the result was already compromised. Tomori and Tonali, Tom-Ton, the Rossoneri navigator will be back active tomorrow evening against Genoa: the setting that starts from the defense and is finished in the direction, a perfect match to direct balls towards the area. With no more wrong direction: against Sassuolo Zlatan had complained several times, in a blatant manner, about the errors in support of his teammates.

Ministry of Defense

The last two defeats (the only ones in the championship) are explained in many different ways, but it cannot be a coincidence that in both cases Tomori was missing at the center of the defense. He had played as a starter and for 90 ‘on eleven other occasions and was granted a first hour of rest against Venezia: inside in the final half hour. Results: ten wins and two draws. Without Tomori, Milan found themselves helpless: seven goals conceded in two matches, which had not happened since March 1998, when three goals were conceded by Inter and four by Juventus. Now, having overcome the hip problem, Tomori is ready to take back his place in the center of the rearguard.


One of the rare accusations made against Pioli after the last defeat concerns the choice to change the median as a whole: Bennacer-Bakayoko (the second in the seasonal debut as a starter) in place of Kessie-Tonali, the most tried-and-tested couple in the midfield. Despite the dark afternoon, Tonali had tried, even as a substitute, to light up some games: verticalization attempts, his specialty, and other good openings, but found uncooperative companions. Today the blue is irreplaceable and not only for order and geometry: it adds muscles and recoveries. The Gazzetta’s average score rewards him as the best Rossoneri: 6.87 the average performance in Serie A, Diaz, Maignan and Ibrahimovic proceeds. Gased also by the thrust of the curve, for which Tonali, a Rossoneri faith witnessed as a child, today is a very loyal one: to stay at Milan in the summer he accepted a significant salary cut. Supported by the coach and fans, Tonali finally feels at ease in the role of leader of the midfield and beyond. Sunday afternoon it was he who took charge of the TV interviews: «We can do more, against Genoa we have to react immediately. There was no relaxation after Madrid, we are professionals and the victory over Atletico if anything gave us further confidence. We are not worried but it is bad to be Milan and to lose two league games in such a moment, the last one was the only one in which we have not shown that we play for Milan. Now we have to get up and go back to playing as we have always done ». The new irreplaceable condition is proven by the presence in all the matches of the season, a record that he shares in midfield with Bennacer: only the first remained on the pitch for 1,179 minutes, the second for 923 ‘. And the minutes will go up again, starting tomorrow evening. With Maignan. Tomori, Tonali and Ibra Pioli find the axis on which AC Milan had built the record of the first twelve days: but Maignan needs the solidity of Tomori in front, and Ibra of the intuitions in the middle of Tonali.

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Tomori and Tonali, the essentials are back: solidity and order return with them