Třinec – Olomouc 3: 1, The steelmakers again decided to win over Olomouc in the third period. Hradec Králové – Sport.cz

Both teams quickly agreed on a overplay because their opponents are in quarantine and had to postpone the match. Třinec started exactly after a week, when he defeated Zlín even without almost half of the basic line-up. The steelworkers were already playing in a complete lineup.

Olomouc, which had a match break five days longer, made a more vivid impression in the opening third and took the lead, albeit with luck. Strapáč threw the puck from the left in front of the goal, where Dravecký knocked it into his own net with a hockey stick. He could increase the third guest attack. Bambula wrapped around Kundrátek and after his shot a jam formed in the goal area, but the arrival of Navrátil and Olesz in the goal did not end. The Han team defended well, they did not let the Steelmakers into the goal chances.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

From left Marko Daňo from Třinec and Tomáš Černý from Olomouc.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

Olomouc was costly punished for too many players on the ice and the home team equalized from the first overpowering game in the match. After only 13 seconds, Captain Crow ended a quick one-touch interplay.

Klimek could immediately return the lead to the guests, but he did not mature on Mazance up close. Růžička countered for Třinec, and after his backhand attempt, the puck lay in the goal area, but Ondrušek intervened well. In a similar situation, he did not reach the second Knotek. His teammate Káňa got in front of Mazance at the end of the middle part, who again held the home team.

The score was 1: 1 by two thirds in both previous mutual matches this season, but Třinec in the last part tore the winnings on its side. This time, Chmielewski decided, who had plenty of time after the Kovařčík brothers passed in front of Konrád. The Polish forward quickly mixed with the puck and sent it over Konrad’s trap.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Třinec players are happy with the second goal. From left Ondřej Kovařčík, Tomáš Kundrátek, goal scorer Aron Chmielewski, David Musil and Michal Kovařčík.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

Olomouc did not give up, it had several decent events, but it did not catch up. Less than a minute before the end, she lost power play when she played at seven, but even in the weakening she almost equalized in the last seconds. However, Krejčí did not reach Švrček’s pass in front of an empty goal. Marcinko immediately pushed through with a shot from his own inverter at 59:59.

Overtaking of the 57th round of the hockey extra league:
HC Oceláři Třinec – HC Olomouc 3: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 2: 0)
Goals and recordings: 23. P. Vrána (Marcinko, Martin Růžička), 47. Chmielewski (O. Kovařčík, M. Kovařčík), 60. Marcinko – 6. Strapáč (Ondrušek, Škůrek). Judges: Hejduk, Sýkora – Ganger, Klouček. Exclusion: 2: 3. Utilization: 2: 0. Attendance: 1000 (limited number).
Třinec: Mazanec – Marinčin, M. Doudera, Kundrátek, D. Musil, M. Adámek, Jaroměřský – Martin Růžička, P. Vrána, Daňo – O. Kovařčík, M. Kovařčík, A. Nestrašil – Dravecký, Miloš Roman, Hrehorčák – Hrna, Marcinko, Chmielewski. Coach: Varaďa.
Olomouc: Konrád – T. Černý, Ondrušek, Dujsík, Švrček, Škůrek, Řezníček – Kucsera, Krejčí, J. Káňa II – Klimek, J. Knotek, Kusko – Bambula, Navrátil, Olesz – Kunc, Nahodil, Strapáč. Coaches: Moták and J. Tomajko.

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Třinec – Olomouc 3: 1, The steelmakers again decided to win over Olomouc in the third period. Hradec Králové – Sport.cz