Vítkovice – Litvínov 1: 6, Litvínov even with many absences shot Vítkovice, hat-trick Straka shone – Sport.cz

Without goalkeeper Godly and strikers Kudrna, Sukeľ, Lukeš, Zdráhal, Svoboda and Gerhát, guest coach Růžička had big problems with the line-up before the match, yet the North Bohemians in the Ostravar arena showed a very compact performance and were able to score in every third.

In the introductory part, the home team created several chances, the biggest of which, in which Friedrich first fired and Kovář tried to reach, but ended up in the outfit of goalkeeper Neužil, who entered the match for the first time for Litvínov. The visitors kept the pressure on to tie the game when, after 17 minutes, Zygmunt broke through the center and found himself alone with the keeper.

Even after the break, the home team, who lacked Captain Pole and forward Bukarts, lacked energy. Even in the middle of the match, the power play, in which Stehlík fired only into the stick of Neužil’s goal from the blue, did not help them to equalize. And so, again just a few minutes before the break, the guests hit. And for the first time in the match Magpie, who crossed the Trail with an accurate shot with a hammer from the left circle.

Vítkovice got the ideal opportunity to reduce and return to the match from the region of the final third, but Litvínov successfully defended its weakening and shortly after Captain Hübl’s return to the ice of the North Bohemia they added a reassuring third goal. Striker Berka ideally found Straka in a quick renumbering of two to one, which ended up in the exposed part of the goal. During his premiere in the highest Czech competition, Berka enjoyed an exceptional match, in which he eventually scored two assists.

The third goal in the match turned out to be a turning point, Vítkovice has since lost the power to dramatize the match in any way, in addition, the number of goals in the Stezka goalkeeper’s network continued to increase. In the 50th minute, Strejček surprised the home defense immediately after winning the bull with a shot from the blue line, and in the next two minutes Straka finished his three-goal evening, who waited for a beautiful pass from Hübl at the left post.

It wasn’t until the 54th minute that the home team also rejoiced for the first time, using the power play after the Straka foul. Hruška deprived goalkeeper Neužil of the first possible net account in the extra league. But it was the guests who had the last word in the match. With the second goal of the evening at the beginning of the 57th minute, the Polish striker Zygmunt prevailed from the space between the rings. Vítkovice collected six goals in the match for the second time in the season and after two wins in a row missed the chance to jump to fourth place in the standings.

HC Vitkovice Rider – HC Verva Litvinov 1: 6 (0: 1, 0: 1, 1: 4)
Goals and recordings: 54. J. Hruška (Lakatoš, L. Krenželok) – 17. Zygmunt (Demel, Berka), 38. P. Straka (Balinskis, V. Hübl), 45. P. Straka (Berka), 50. Strejček (J. Jícha), 53. P. Straka (V. Hübl, Fronk), 57. Zygmunt (Jurčík). Judges: Úlehla, Pražák – Gebauer, Hlavatý. Exclusion: 4: 6. Utilization: 1: 0. Attendance: 1000 (limited number).
Vítkovice: Trail – J. Stehlík, Solovjov, Plášil, Galvinš, L. Kovář, Koch – Lakatoš, J. Hruška, L. Krenželok – Fridrich, Lindberg, Marosz – M. Kalus, Flick, R. Bondra – Bernovský, Chlán, Dej.Trenér: Holaň.
Litvínov: Neužil – Irving, Balinskis, Strejček, Hrbas, Stříteský, Demel, D. Kolář – Havelka, Estephan, Chalupa – Fronk, V. Hübl, P. Straka – Jarůšek, Jícha, Slavík – Berka, Jurčík, Zygmunt. Coach: V. Růžička.

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Vítkovice – Litvínov 1: 6, Litvínov even with many absences shot Vítkovice, hat-trick Straka shone – Sport.cz