Modena, president Pedrini: “Many mistakes made, but Giani stays with us”

The number 1 of the club makes a harsh self-criticism after also losing Europe, but raises: “Maybe we should have given some extra kick in the ass”

A peaceful week like when a tornado enters your house: and in a few seconds it tears everything (or almost) away from you. This is what happened in Modena in the last 8 days. the defeat with Tours in the Cev Cup, then the elimination from the Final Four of the Italian Cup by Piacenza and then the other evening a useless victory with the French in the second leg that ousted Giani’s team from the European race. As if to say that in the space of eight days 2 of the 3 seasonal objectives have evaporated, the ones on paper more within reach of Bruno and his companions. “Antonio Barone and I were the first to believe in Andrea Giani, now 15 years ago, as the first coach. Three years ago, when the opportunity arose to bring him back on the bench of this club, neither I nor the CEO Sartoretti had any doubts. The role of the President, in a club, inevitably involves the weight of the most difficult decisions, such as the one concerning the exoneration of a coach ”, harangues a combative Catia Pedrini, number 1 of the club.


“Many, many other sports realities – volleyball and not – in our place would be oriented to a choice of this type, but this option is not under consideration at the moment: we are a team in very difficult difficulty, the last consecutive defeats and the consequent eliminations the Italian Cup and the Cev Cup testify to this, but as a team we will come out of it. The responsibilities of this moment are distributed between the players and the technical staff and, without wanting to hide, certainly the club, or rather Sartoretti and I, would have had to intervene with greater timing in addressing the problems that were evidently hidden under the 13 consecutive victories “, he continues. Pedrini.

The kicks

“We set up this team – the best possible in the summer with very different ambitions and with the belief that we would play every competition until the end. Unfortunately, today’s reality is drastically different from expectations and for this reason I can only apologize to all our partners, all our fans and our subscribers. Never once did our people fail us for their support, starting with the 2,200 subscribers who, last season, bought the card in the dark just for the sake of our colors; the strongest bitterness is not being able to repay the sacrifices made in the past. Only one goal remains, the Scudetto: undoubtedly talented players are on the pitch, they are followed by a staff of the highest level, but it is clear that something in this amalgam has not worked properly so far. The club has made available to the team all the tools to work in the best possible way and now it is up to the professionals to prove that they live up to their fame and get us out of the swamp where we got stuck “.

We need kicks

“Modena has a history of over 55 years, a history dotted with great victories and – inevitably – bitter disappointments. These last 10 days are among the darkest of my management, there is no doubt about this, but here in Emilia we are not used to feeling sorry for ourselves, we are used to rolling up our sleeves and starting again and it is with this in mind that already this morning work in the gym, and beyond, has resumed. Maybe with a few extra kicks in the ass and with the humility of someone who knows he was wrong a lot, a lot. As for those who say that Sartoretti and I should be the first to step aside, I reply that the company has been on sale for a few years and that it was taken over by the previous management which had already technically failed. I would be very happy to pass the hand to those who will certainly be able to do much better than us in these ten years ”. Catia Pedrini’s message is quite clear and transparent: it must not be forgotten that she was the one who brought Modena back to the top. Now, as everyone knows, volleyball in the city is a religion (it is no coincidence that the sports hall is called the Temple) and one of the characteristics of the square is that of passing from very high flights of enthusiasm (it had happened after the streak of 13 victories in a row) to deep depressions, like the current one, to which is also added a wave of Covid that freezes everything for a dozen days. Time to elaborate and reflect on the words of the president …

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Modena, president Pedrini: “Many mistakes made, but Giani stays with us”