Super League: Milan walls Piacenza, Modena conquers Vibo

Piazza’s team wins the first set in comeback which proves decisive and approaches in the standings. Great Ishikawa. Leo Shoes dragged by Ngapeth wins in Calabria

Allianz Milano wins with Piacenza, overtakes Padua in seventh place and brings Bernardi’s team closer in the standings, now ahead of only one point with the same number of games played. Modena conquers Vibo Valentia

Vibo Valentia-Modena 1-3 (22-25, 25-21, 22-25, 22-25)

2022 in Modena opens with a very important victory on the field of Tuna Callipo Vibo, fresh from 27 days of forced break due to Covid. Giani’s team suffers, but in the end passes 1-3 thanks to the plays of his singles, above all Ngapeth, decisive with 21 points and awarded as Mvp of the match. The formations: Giani relaunches Leal from the beginning (the Brazilian returning from positivity at Covid) with Bruno on the dribble, Nimir opposite, Stankovic and Mazzone in the center and Earvin Ngapeth to complete the formation with Rossini free. Baldovin responds with Saitta to the dribble, Nelli opposite (on his yellow and red debut), Gargiulo and Flavio in the center, Borges and Basic in place 4, Rizzo free. Vibo players all play wearing a mask with the exception of Basic. The first ring is from Flavio on the wall against fellow countryman Leal, 2-1. Stankovic responds by blocking Basic, 2-3. Modena’s break arrives in counterattack with Leal’s pipe, 2-4. Mazzone blocks the attempt from the center of Gargiulo, 5-8. Nimir misses the home reception, 7-11, and coach Baldovin calls his first discretionary time-out. Ngapeth plays on the Vibo wall, 9-14. Saitta and his companions try to climb, but Callipo continues to make a lot of mistakes in the serve. Palletta of Stankovic and Vibo in confusion, 12-18. Nelli’s first point is worth 14-18. From this moment on, Vibo tries to fight ball after ball showing himself more perky and cancels several set balls, but gives up in the first half of Mazzone (22-25). Callipo got off to a good start in the second set with Basic’s break. Borges misses in attack, 5-5. Nelli, irrepressible, inflames PalaMaiata with a wall and a winning attack and Basic’s hands and out lead Vibo to 10-7 (Giani time-out). Gargiulo, devastating in this second set, extends the lead (17-13). Basic’s lob is worth 20-16 and Giani is forced to call his team back on the bench. Nelli (well primed by Saitta) is unstoppable, 9 points in the set with 89% in attack, and delivers the partial to Vibo (25-21). Wall break in Modena at the beginning of the third set. Two block-outs by the hosts and a tarantolato Saitta to inspire Nelli bring Vibo to 7-6. The float of Gargiulo is deadly for the second Modena line, 8-6. Leal is blocked by Flavio, 10-7, and Giani calls time. Ngapeth tries to straighten the shot, 11-10. The Emilians veer ahead thanks to Bruno’s treacherous serve and three consecutive blocks, 13-17. Leal, 16-20, but the Brazilian is once again blocked by his compatriot Flavio, 18-20. Borges inflames the Fossa Giallorossa, 21-23, but Leal is relentless in the pipe, 21-24. Mazzone signs the final point, 22-25. Vibo does not give up and in the fourth set he moves forward 7-4 with Flavio’s ace. Rizzo embroiders for Basic who gets his hands on and off, 11-7. Ngapeth and Leal don’t give up, 12-10. Borges solves a difficult side-out, 13-11. The transalpine strikes the opponent’s wall and finds a tie, 14-14. Vibo, however, takes the lead 20-18 taking advantage of the errors of Modena. Stankovic is cold and Flavio blocks, 20-20. Leal is a batting fury, 22-24 and two balls match Modena. Borges attacks out, 22-25, and gives the victory, three platinum points and third place to the Emilians.

Milan-Piacenza 3-1 (31-29, 23-25, 25-22, 25-18)

At the Allianz Cloud a beautiful and intense match is staged, played on an equal footing by two teams that express excellent volleyball. Piazza recovers Romanò and Djokic for the bench (Daldello is still absent for Covid) and sends the starting sextet onto the field with Porro on the dribble, Patry opposite, Ishikawa and Jaeschke in the band, Piano and Chinenyeze in the center and Pesaresi free. Bernardi, who has to give up Holt at the last minute (gastric troubles), lines up Brizard in the direction with Lagumdzija opposite, Rossard and Recine martelli, Cester and Caneschi in the middle and Scanferla free. It is immediately equilibrium on the pitch with Jaeschke who makes Porro understand that he is in rhythm and, on the other side of the net, Lagumdzija and Recine who hammer with percentages higher than 60% in attack (and 8 points each at the end of the first set) . Piacenza tries to lead, but in the final Milan is more precise and, after a series of set points on each side, closes with the Moscow block (in the usual change between under with Porro).


The balance continues in the second set as well, with the teams continuing to push to serve and still keeping the reception percentages high. Porro relies heavily on power plants that respond present; Brizard continues to keep Lagumdzija and Recine warm which do not move back an inch. The result is a beautiful set that ends with a touch of the net by Patry with the knee that keeps the referees busy for a couple of minutes at the video check before issuing the verdict that brings the game back in a draw. A set even and point and head. The constant of the match is balance, which Allianz manages to break in the middle of the set, dragged by Chinenyeze and Jaeschke. The Gas Sales, however, is in the image and likeness of its coach and, with Russel on the pitch from the beginning and Recine in the King Midas version, it is reported below, up to the decisive acute of Ishikawa who gives the set to Milan. Piacenza breaks down, Milan continues to keep the pressure high and immediately takes off, until the error in attack by Recine (one of the very few in his match) that closes the game.

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Super League: Milan walls Piacenza, Modena conquers Vibo