Super League: Modena never stops, eighth victory in a row

Giani’s team (although incomplete) overwhelms Monza and aims for second place. Grozer Injury. Trento strolls in Milan

Three matches on the pitch for three different days. Modena wins the eighth in a row in the league (11th with the Cup) and ends the year as he wanted, after a not so brilliant start to the season. Itas Trentino wins again after the knockout of Verona at the Allianz Cloud in Milan.

It was Monza in the first round that questioned, by winning, the value of a team that had grown along the way, finding its certainties especially from the victory in Perugia onwards. Consolidated fourth place, third in the sights, today Modena can aim for second place from Civitanova which has the same races and ‘only’ three points more. Returning to tonight’s match, postponed on the 26th, due to the positivity of at least four players from Modena, immediately equilibrium in the opening bars Giani without Leal and Van Garderen stopped by Covid, finds Rossini, a great Rossini, after the period of isolation, and entrusts gangs to the Ngapeth brothers. Jersey holder for Swan immediately in the sights of the Monza joke. Earvin Ngapeth’s ex digs the first groove (9-7). Grozer’s wall on Earvin Ngapeth mends it for 11 all. Earvin himself immediately puts a diagonal on the ground and Grozer shakes his hand. Modena comes back with Mazzone’s block (14-11) and immediately after with Stankovic’s serve that Dzavoronok receives off the pitch. Still serving, Earvin and the Gialloblù take off again (18-13) forcing Eccheli to the second timeout. Grozer misses after a spectacular defense of the usual Earvin. The Frenchman himself with the third ace in the set closes the first set in practice (20-13) in the safe. Monza tries to answer with the ace of Grozer and Giani calls his first timeout. Nimir also takes the chair with a diagonal (22-16) on which the defense of Monza can do very little. The set ends with Orduna’s wrong serve: 25-19 The most beautiful and spectacular point is that of 3 to 2, at the beginning of the second, after attacks and counterattacks with Rossini’s defense on Grozer’s powerful dunk and closed with a wrong bagher of Monza Dzavoronok’s ace on Rossini gives the first advantage in Monza which then goes on to 5 to 3 on Earvin’s error. Modena immediately recovers with Nimiri. Then Earvin continues his show with a short line that captures surprises Federici The Monza serve increases, Davyskiba’s ace keeps the Brianza players ahead Modena responds with Stankovic’s winning line that Dzavoronok does not control (13-12) Swan Ngapeth keeps Modena ahead. The break is signed by Nimir on the serve and immediately after Swan, on the faulty reception of Monza, closes for 20-17. Another bomb the service of Abdel Aziz moves the set to the side of Modena (21-17). Back under Monza with Grozer (22-19) On 23-19 Monza Grozer himself loses due to a muscle problem in his left thigh, in his place Katic. Modena mess at the end of the set, Giani has to call timeout Earvin closes the practice on 25-22 thanks to the reception of Gollini. Without his ace Grozer, replaced by the young Bulgarian, Karyagin Monza tries to stay in the game and all in all he succeeds (9-9) and even goes forward (10-9) But the joke is the weapon that he can always use in the moment of need. And so Giani’s team with Nimir serving signs a 3-0 break for the 14-11. It is then up to Mazzone to guess the winning serve (21-18) that allows Modena to make the decisive extension. And it is the Dutchman who is the great protagonist in the final that Modena closes in total control.

Itas Trentino takes the three points that are worth third place at the end of the first round and, consequently, the match with the sixth in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup. Milan returns to the field 22 days (and five positives at Covid) after the last time and the rust is visible, despite a test of the heart of the boys of the Piazza who do not disfigure in front of an excellent Trento and who will now be called to a tour de force with the matches against Taranto, Piacenza and Vibo between now and January 9th. Piazza has to give up in the middle of the bench, with Daldello positive at Covid in the morning and Romanò and Djokic negative but waiting for the control pad that “frees” them (it is expected for tomorrow). In the field, however, there is the starting line-up with Patry (back available 36 days from the marathon against Cisterna on November 24) opposed to Porro, Ishikawa and Jaeschke in the band, Piano and Chinenyeze in the center and Pesaresi free. Lorenzetti recovers in extremis Sbertoli and Lisinac (both in doubt until just before the game) and sends the former Milan setter onto the field with Lavia opposite, Kaziyski and Michieletto spikers, Podrascanin and Lisinac central and Zenger free. Kaziyski is an iradiddio (5 out of 7 in attack and an ace in the first set) and also the central Trentino enter the game very well (7 out of 9 in the first half and two blocks). Milan tries to force the serve but it is not always good and, despite a good reception, struggles to play with the central. Ishikawa (6 out of 6 in attack), however, keeps pace well, like Patry who is a safe haven for Porro. Trento, however, immediately digs a margin and manages it until the end of the set. More or less like in the second part in which Lavia takes the chair. On the other side of the net, Ishikawa usually carries the weight of the attack on his shoulders, with Pesaresi always present in reception and defense. The Trentino defense wall, however, is more effective and the point that was needed to close the first round in third place comes thanks to the ace of Sbertoli (awarded before the game by the president of Milan Fusaro). Milan continues to attack and tries to lead the third set. He does it until the final stages, when he has two balls canceled to reopen the game, before Pinali puts down the diagonal which is worth the 3-0.

(25-17, 22-25, 18-25, 37-35, 15-11) An evening of strong emotions at the Kioene Arena. In the end, Kioene comes out after almost two and a half hours of play, full of wasted opportunities on both sides. Padova dominates the first set and then is 7-1 ahead in the second. Cisterna reacts and brings the Bianconeri to their knees by moving forward 14-17 in the fourth set before the interminable head-to-head won by Kioene who in the tie-break no longer misses anything. The two opposites make up the lion’s share: 24 points for Weber (61 percent) and Dirlic (63 percent), but also excellent performances by Raffaelli and Loeppky. The chronicle. Balanced start of the first set (5-5), then an error by Bossi gives + 3 to Padua (10-7). The bianconeri go to 18-12 with an ace from Bottolo and then everything is easy until 25-17 signed by Vitelli. Kioene starts strong at the start of the second set with two blocks in a row by Bottolo on Dirlic (7-1), but Cisterna immediately returns to the game (8-6) with Dirlic serving. A Bossi wall gives a tie to Cisterna (12-12), an ace from Rinaldi +1. Cisterna puts the arrow (17-19) and keeps it until the end (thanks also to the 10 errors of Padua in the partial) with the final point signed by Raffaelli (22-25). Cisterna part fired also at the start of the third set (2-5) on Raffaelli’s service. Rinaldi drags his team in attack and Top Volley easily flies to 8-13. The break is the decisive one because Padua completely the compass and Soli’s team is unleashed in all the fundamentals. Kioene recovered from the blow (6-4), but the black and white reception still paves the way for the opponents (8-8). Citerna goes on 14-17, but Padova reacts and goes on 23-21. But that’s not all, Wiltenburg finds the ace on Bottolo (23-23) and then it’s an infinity of emotions with a myriad of set-balls (5) and match-balls canceled (7) Closes an attack by Volpato on 37 -35, on the sixth opportunity. Cuttini’s team (8-5) has a better start at the tie-break and also goes 12-9, and then closes on an error by Baranowicz.

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Super League: Modena never stops, eighth victory in a row