Super League: Perugia with patches, Trento wins the tie-break

Lorenzetti’s team inflicts the second defeat in the league of the year to the Umbrians who did not have Giannelli and Ricci. Nice victory for Piacenza over Monza

At the foot of the Dolomites comes the second stop in the league for the leaders Sir Perugia. Umbrians from the long bench but with too many absences to stop the third force of the championship, that Itas Trentino more square and less foul that makes its own in 5 partials a very balanced match risking to throw everything to the winds after losing a fourth set in which the Dolomites were ahead 19-14 (and 2-1).

Trento-Perugia 3-2 (25-21, 21-25, 26-24, 22-25, 15-11)

An excellent Sbertoli is the conductor of a Trento that remains, in the standings, to contend for second place at Lube Civitanova thanks to a highly effective performance of his high ball and the excellent distribution of the setter. Before the kick-off, no first challenge as an ex in Trentino for Simone Giannelli, who like Ricci was sent back to Umbria for some flu symptoms accused in the last hours. In this way Grbic must send Travica on the dribble with Mengozzi in the center (Russo cannot play even if on the bench), while Lorenzetti confirms the set-up with Lavia opposite and the diagonal of place-4 Michieletto-Kaziyski. The two consecutive errors in attack by Rychlicki give the first extension to the Trentino players at 8-4, Solè’s ace keeps the Umbrians in the wake (9-7) before Podrascanin’s block on the Luxembourgish opposite does not allow Itas to return to +4 (11-7). Rychlicki blocks Kaziyski while Mengozzi turns into a tie, 12-12, a delicious one-handed dribble from Travica. The Bulgarian hitter from Trento scores the ace of 15-13 on Leon, but it is when Michieletto starts to land balls – the two consecutive ones of 17-14 – that Grbic interrupts the game. Bad management by Sir of a couple of reconstructions that are not simple and wanted to force, Trento thanks and with the Sbertoli wall goes on 19-16. Leon tries to keep the Umbrians in the slipstream (23-20) before Lisinac with a devastating first half and Lavia blocking Leon do not seal the first set. Leon and his turn at bat, with an ace on Zenger, is worth the first extension of Sir in the second (3-7), forcing Lorenzetti to spend the timeout. Kaziyski and a growing Michieletto are points of reference for Sbertoli, with the former Milan director trying to involve Lisinac more (10-13) while Sir finds a safe haven in the usual Leon. The Cuban batting and attacking puts pressure on Itas (11-15), Michieletto’s ace for 14-16 with Grbic stopping the game. Perugia keeps the margin (17-20) ahead by increasing it when Solè presses Lisinac on the wall for 18-22. In the final ace from Leon over Michieletto who flakes the first set point for Sir Safety. The start of the third partial still sees the Umbrians start with their foot on the accelerator, 2-5 and Lorenzetti spends the first timeout after a couple of naive mistakes. Podrascanin’s one-two brings the Trentino players back to 6-7, parity returns to reign on 10-10 which becomes Trentino overtaking on 15-14 with Michieletto’s ace in the conflict zone between Leon and Colaci. The set is well balanced and hard fought (17-17), Rychlicki’s ace holds the two sextets arm in arm (19-19), but at the best the mistakes of the Umbrians weigh. In the end, Sir is still very foul, with Travica and Mengozzi not understanding each other, but Rychlicki allows his team to return to 24-23. Plotnytskyi, after a good defense by Leon on Kaziyski, sends everyone to the advantage where Lavia against a zero block puts the ball on the ground before Lisinac seals the partial in favor of Trento. He also battles at the start of the fourth set (6-6), Sbertoli confirms himself at a very high level by turning all his high ball properly while Sir sees a precious Rychlicki give a hand to Leon. When Lavia lands on 13-10 Grbic stops everything, but of little use because Trento is less foul than the Umbrians (17-12) and Sir struggles not a little to find their own regularity in putting the ball on the ground. Kaziyski puts on the ground 19-14, prologue to a final game in which Trento makes no mistake. Leon is always the last to surrender his team (21-19), Lorenzetti stops the game when he sees the Umbrians make up for it, Lisinac in attack makes no mistake but still the Cuban-Polish with an ace brings back the parity: 22-22. A set that seemed now addressed is reopened like a clam from Leon, with Perugia putting the arrow thanks to its Phenomenon and Lavia’s attacking error. When Podrascanin attacks badly out the bench Sir sprints to his feet, it is 22-25 and it goes to the fifth set. A tie-break in which Grbic confirms, as in the previous half set, Anderson in place-4 instead of Plotnytskyi, but the first extension (7-5) bears the signature of Michieletto. Following a video check that proved Perugia right, a yellow card arrives for protests against Lorenzetti (7-6), we arrive at a beautifully fought final match in which Perugia is even more foul (12-9) while Itas manages to manage some heavy balls (read, two fundamental consecutive walls of Lavia) which allows her to celebrate two precious points.

Piacenza-Monza 3-0 (25-23, 25-17, 34-32)

Gas Sales Bluenergy returned the 3-0 straight away in the first leg and overtook Monza in the standings despite having played two fewer games. An important result for Bernardi’s team that is in fifth position waiting for a very intense calendar that will see them take the field every three days in the coming weeks. Monza does not have Grozer, on the post after the injury suffered first with Verona and then with Modena, and aims to defend the position in the ranking, Piacenza instead presents itself fully and intends to put the arrow. The Lombards enter Davyskiba diagonally in Orduna with the Dzavoronok-Karyagin pair of gang and approach better giving themselves the 7-4, but Lagumdzija’s serve allows the hosts to even the score. After a balanced phase it is a double ace by the Turkish bomber, last year at the court of Monza, to dig the decisive gap despite the guests also trying to oppose a reception at 4. In reality in the final the Brianza cancel three set points and return to a distance, but the error in Davyskiba’s service (for the rest unleashed, 10 points in the partial) is worth 25-23 in favor of the Emilians. Just the mistakes in serving (6 against 3) make useless the best attack of the guests, who close the fraction with 52% in attack against 39 of the hosts. The balance of the first set is soon a memory, so much so that Eccheli calls the first time out already at 4-2 for Gas Sales Bluenergy. Piacenza’s serve drags the team that grows in all the fundamentals and immediately flies 15-9. This time not even in the final the reaction of the Brianza arrives, so the red and white greet the fraction 25-17. He pulls hard from nine meters. Davyskiba leads the Lombards forward with the ace of 10-9, Rossard responds with the winning bar of the counter-pass: 13-12. Piacenza also doubles the advantage but the number 15 from Brianza is not there and brings his teammates back to lead the dance. Dzavoronok also comes to lend a hand with 21-19, Recine is first blocked then draws at 22. Monza also has two balls of the set to extend the game, but in an infinite third set a block from Holt closes at the eighth match point giving the full booty to the red and white.

Taranto-Milan 2-3 (29-27, 22-25.16-25, 25-21.10-15))

The recovery of the last day of the first round between Gioiella Prisma Taranto and Allianz Milano, originally scheduled for last December 19th, saw the Lombard winners thanks to a very good batting and blocking match. The Lombards (who with this success close the first part of the championship seventh and then face Civitanova in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup), without the three players in quarantine (Romanò, Daldello and Djokic), reach 17 points in the standings, the same of Padua. The first set is characterized by a high number of errors in service (8 Taranto and 7 Milan) and is decided on the advantages of Taranto who closes 29-27 with the fourth set ball available thanks to Joao, after the Apulians had conceded the first set ball to the opponents (26-27). In the second set Taranto repeatedly tries to put his nose forward (14-11,18-15,20-17), but Milan patiently finds a more fluid ball change and thanks to Patry (2 aces for him on 20-19 and on 21-22) reverses the situation by winning 22-25. In the third set Milan immediately traces a furrow in the match thanks to the insightful jokes of Patry and Porro (5-12), they send the Apulian reception into a tailspin. An advantage of +7 that the Allianz will be able to carry to the end, even increasing it (16-25). In the fourth part the trend seems to favor Taranto which goes to +7 (12-5), but Milan is not there and always from the nine-meter line builds the slow and inexorable comeback (21-20 ace of Ishikawa). Taranto with the 2000 group class, on the field in place of Randazzo, protagonist of the final phase of the set, extends the match to the tie-break that the Lombards win thanks to the lucid and determined subnet performance of Jaeschke, best in the field.

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Super League: Perugia with patches, Trento wins the tie-break