Superlega, Perugia overwhelms Trento, Monza flies in the lead

The Umbrians beat Itas 3-0 while Eccheli’s team crushed Piacenza and climbed to the top alone. Civitanova overtakes Milan, still without Juantorena. Modena ok in Ravenna

Perugia-Trento 3-0 (25-12, 25-21, 25-18)

Not only a great victory, but also a great show for Sir Safety Conda Perugia, who, in a festive and full Palabarton in almost all sectors, took revenge on Itas Trentino in the best possible way after the defeat in the semifinal of Super Cup, winning in three sets. Michieletto’s unavailability weighed in Angelo Lorenzetti’s sextet, but against Nikola Grbic’s team, which offered its best performance of the season, today there would be very little for anyone to do. Above all because Perugia has exploited from the first set one of its most important fundamentals, that is the serve, grounding 7 aces in the first fraction (4 with Leon, 2 with Giannelli and one with Plotnytskyi. Reception with Anderson and him is also good. Leon himself, for whom the Itas match started uphill by clearly losing (25-12) the set, closed right by the former Giannelli. There was a greater balance in the second set, with Trento starting ahead , only to be reached on parity (12-12) thanks to a devastating Leon (10 points in the fraction and 62% in attack). After a phase of balance up to 18-18, Perugia took off, with Grbic having could also count on the entries of Travica and Plotnytskyi and in the end it was Podrascanin’s mistake in serving that gave the decisive point (25-21). Same script in the third set, with the balance that still lasted until 12- 12 and then Sir Safety (with the return to the field after Robert’s injury or Russo) stretched with great strength and went on to win with extraordinary ease, also favored by the errors of Trento, closing the race (25-18) with a magnificent central ace from Leon (MVP and best scorer of the match with 21 points ).

Monza-Piacenza 3-0 (25-22, 25-21, 25-17)

Monza mistress of the Superlega. The 3-0 of Eccheli’s men propels the Brianza to the top of the standings alone, ahead of Perugia, which, however, has one less match. An impeccable result, the son of a capital performance in every fundamental. Piacenza is betrayed by Lagumdzija, and struggles to find rhythm in attack and self-denial in defense. Mvp is Orduna, symbol of a team in which every gear works, with Grozer designated bomber, Dzavoronok and Davyskiba surgical in attack and Federici in command in the second line. Eccheli does not change formation that deploys Orduna-Grozer diagonally opposite dribble, Grozdanov-Galassi in the center, Dzavoronok-Davyskiba in the band and Federici free. Bernardi responds with Brizard in directing, Lagumdzija opposite, Rossard and Recine spikers, Cester and Holt in the center, Scanferla free. Davyskiba’s ace opening the game is a statement, but the game is in balance. Great defenses and great attacks, Monza pushes (and misses) more in the serve, Piacenza relies on the game at the center of Holt and the ex-Lagumdzija. On 18 all Antonov enters and makes a break until 18-20 (even an ace), but Monza responds with a 5-1 with double Dzavoronok and Davyskiba (and two videochecks that have corrected referees decisions). Grozer closes (already at 10) 25-22. Piacenza is better at the start of the second fraction (4-8) with less ordered premises. Orduna tries to involve the central players more, but Dzavoronok is decisive for the draw (at 11). Teams still arm in arm, but Lagumdzija is not there and Stern (who takes over as in the first set) does not affect. Rossard and Recine, on the other hand, work, but the Monza defense is also there. From 17 all there are still 3 points from Dzavoronok until 21-18, Grozdanov’s block (first of his game) on Recine for 24-20, prelude to 25-21 for the 2-0 Vero Volley. Monza more and more in confidence, Piacenza on the ground in the head before in the game, so Grozer’s first ace is already 6-3. Galassi finally enters the match (invited by Orduna): 5 consecutive points with 3 attacks, 1 block and 1 ace. After Antonov and Puyol for Recine and Brizard, Bernardi’s last card is Russel for Rossard. But that’s not enough, because Monza’s mental strength is total, the wall (5 in the set) doesn’t let anything pass, and the guests pull the oars into the boat until 25-17 that props up the 3-0.

It is evidently not from these matches that Consar RCM must obtain the necessary points to reach salvation, but the predictable 0-3 against Leo Shoes Modena unfortunately for the Romagna players coincides with the points won during the day by Cisterna, Verona and Taranto. On the other hand, Modena restarts after the last knockout but certainly does not offer that feeling of power that is always expected from Giani’s sextet. At times almost listless Ngapeth, between the lines Abdel-Aziz, Bruno had to resort to alternative solutions and above all to Leal to put things right at times. Ravenna had decent responses from sole director Biernat, while the rest of the team went to pieces, including Klapwijk. Concentrated start of Modena, who pushes to serve and takes advantage of some opponent’s mistakes to hoist himself immediately on 2-6, but Ravenna puts the reception back in place and when Klapwijk goes to the service he even comes one step away from 11-11 but is stopped by a sensational defense by Rossini. The opportunity lost by the Romagnoli is promptly picked up by the guests, who, orchestrated by Bruno, regain the margin (14-18) and go to close with ease, taking advantage of the 12 point errors of the hosts without overdoing it. The second set starts in photocopy (3-6) with Leal in evidence, but Giani’s ones suddenly stop and Consar takes advantage of it for a 6-0 break that forces the visiting coach to time-out. However, Leo Shoes immediately returns the favor, Ngapeth walls and attacks and Modena overturns (9-10) to then extend on the usual errors of Ravenna (12-17), who no longer hangs up the plug and delivers the partial on the error to the service from Ulrich, just entered. Nothing ever changes in the start of the sets, even on the third occasion Leo Shoes goes on 2-6 between one mistake and the other in Ravenna, with Ljaftov in clear difficulty in reception and Zanini who tries again with Ulrich, but the race he turns on a couple of indolent attacks by Ngapeth and some Modenese sleeps in reception (9-8), then with Vukasinovic in service, Consar also takes a decent margin (19-16) with an inspired Biernat. On the possible 23-19 for the Romagnoli there is a joke of almost ten minutes for a double check requested by the two benches, in the end the guest is right (wall invasion) and Modena then shortens up to 22-21, then the guests they have the right solutions to serve, cancel three set-balls at Consar before winning one on Klapwijk’s error (25-26) and closing with Leal’s ace. (Sandro Camerani)

In front of the almost 5 thousand of the Assago Forum, for a Sunday home of Allianz Milano as in January 2019 against Modena, Civitanova suffers and wins 3-0, although not definitively dismissing the difficulties and evident tension that had led to the three consecutive defeats between the championship and the Super Cup, before the double success against Verona and, today, Milan. Civitanova had to risk losing both the first and the second set, before bringing out experience and competitive nastiness and also recovering the third after chasing for two thirds of the fraction. Allianz, on the other hand, must reflect above all on the wasted opportunities in the first two halves, even considering the ability to play point to point with a team built for other goals such as Lube. Piazza (who must give up the feverish Romanò) ranks the typical formation with Porro on the dribble, Patry opposite, Ishikawa and Jaeschke in the band, Piano and Chinenyeze in the center and Pesaresi free. Blengini, who still has to give up the injured Juantorena (on the pitch in the final points of the match) lines up De Cecco in the direction, Garcia to complete the diagonal, Lucarelli and Kovar spikers, Simon and Anzani central and Balaso free. The Allianz tries to attack the game and Lube is immediately in the wake. When, however, the Civitanova power stations enter the rhythm in attack (6 out of 9 between Simon and Anzani), Civitanova takes over the set. The Marche wall contains the Milanese attack well but, in the sprint, Lube is lost and gives Allianz the first set ball of the match. The point to point, with errors on both sides, ends with the dribble attack half a meter outside Jaeschke who gives the set to Blengini’s team. The partial start is still Lube, with the Marches who immediately take off, still dragged by the central couple and by a solid wall-defense phase. In the middle of the set, however, Milan definitively shakes off the waste of the first partial lost to the advantages and goes back to pushing the accelerator. Porro, in the fourth game ever in Superlega, looks like an expert and Milan signs the engagement and the overtaking in the final points. However, when there is a need to achieve the set point available, Allianz misses in wickedness and, with the same score in the first set, Civitanova goes on 2-0. Milan tries to escape at the start of the third set and succeeds, but then suffers the return of Lube, who in the final points also finds Juantorena on the field, who brings home three fundamental points in order not to lose further contact with the top of the standings.

(24-26, 25-20, 25-23, 19-25, 15-13) First joy of the season for the Verona audience and first points in the standings for Stoytchev’s boys, while Taranto can still smile for having won an away point against a direct competitor for salvation. Verona takes the field with Raphael on the dribble, for the first time since the start of the match, diagonally with Jensen, Aguenier and Cortesia in the center, Mozic and Magalini in the band and the two free players Donati and Bonami alternating in reception and defense. On the other side, a typical formation for Di Pinto with Falaschi – Sabbi on the diagonal setter – opposite, Di Martino and Alletti central, Randazzo and Joao on the side, the free is Laurenzano. Stoytchev’s move to reverse Verona’s course is therefore to rely on the expert hands of the Brazilian Raphael, sacrificing the lateral Asparuhov and inserting Magalini in order to respect the rule of the three Italians on the pitch. The game of the hosts compared to the latest releases is more fluid and the attackers are all triggered with more continuity. Taranto relies on the usual Sabbi and Joao’s great dexterity to keep guests afloat. The set is very balanced, but it is the guests at the end who win thanks to a precise attack by Sabbi (who attacks with 60%) and a wall by Di Martino. The second set restarts with the same sextet for the hosts, while Di Pinto replaces Randazzo, struggling in attack in the first set, with the Argentine Palonsky. Taranto starts very slowly, resulting in a very foul and struggling to read Raphael’s risers. Verona takes off and closes the set easily without ever decreasing in intensity. Randazzo resumes his place on the field in the starting six in Taranto, but Verona continues to grind the game continuously, especially when changing the ball, thanks also to an excellent Magalini, in continuous growth compared to the first set onwards. Now Raphael can count on three effective high ball forwards, which he manages with intelligence by removing reference points from the Taranto wall. The third set ends with a Mozic pipe, after a break by the guests at the end of the set. The fourth set sees Gironi take Randazzo’s place among the guests, while Verona keeps the starting sextet. Raphael’s forwards begin to get into trouble, mainly due to the Taranto wall that the Brazilian setter begins to read with greater continuity. Stoytchev tries the double change, bringing in the pair Spirito – Asparuhov in place of Raphael – Magalini, but the set is now marked and Taranto closes it with a first half by Di Martino. The tie break is again in the hands of Raphael for Verona, who returns to make his forwards run at their best. It is played on the edge of maximum balance, broken only at the end thanks to an excellent first half by Aguenier who closes the game and gives the first points for Verona.

Ravenna-Modena 0-3 (19-25, 17-25, 25-27)

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Superlega, Perugia overwhelms Trento, Monza flies in the lead