Superlega, super Grozer: Monza, what a comeback

The opposite (27 points and 7 aces) drags the Lombards to victory in Vibo Valentia. The Calabrians waste the advantage for two to zero. Milan at the tie break beats Ravenna

In anticipation of the ninth day of the championship, Monza wins in Vibo, making up two sets of disadvantage. Now in the Ravenna-Milan field

Vibo Valentia-Monza 2-3 (25-23, 25-22, 20-25, 18-25, 6-15)

The Vero Volley Monza returns to win and in the advance of the ninth day of the SuperLega championship takes over the PalaMaiata of Vibo beating the Tonno Callipo 2-3. It is the second consecutive away win for Eccheli’s team at the third consecutive tie-break in a week after those with Cisterna and Padova. Under 2-0 in front of a compact Vibo, Orduna and his companions have perfected the comeback dragged by a Grozer in the evening of grace: 27 points and 7 aces on his 37th birthday. In the standings Monza rises to third place with 18 points, while Vibo remains third from last with 7 points. The game: Monza break with Grozer’s ace on Rizzo, 2-4. Flavius ​​Mura Grozer, 6-7. Souza attacks on the net and the Brianza bring back 6-9. Still the Brazilian central unleashed, wall on Dzavoronok, 8-9. Davyskiba attacks twice out, 10-9 and time out called by the visiting coach Eccheli. Grozer attacks the parallel, 17-15 for Vibo showing character. But the Giallorossi freeze on the sideout and Monza places a break of 3 points to zero that brings Eccheli’s team ahead 17-18. But once again the unleashed Flavio (9 points in the set) blocks Dzavoronok’s pipe, 19-18. Number of Basics in counterattack, 22-20 and new Monza time-out. It is the decisive break: Souza puts the 25-23 ball on the ground and Vibo leads 1-0 in the set count. The Lombards are struggling to get into the game and Vibo takes advantage of it by moving forward 8-5 with the ace of Souza. Flavio mura Davyskiba, 15-11 and time out Monza. Orduna and his teammates force the serve, but Vibo blocks the very young Karyagin twice, who entered in Davyskiba’s place, and goes to 21-16. Ace from Gargiulo, 23-17. Bisi, who took the place of Basic, 24-19. Monza cancels three set balls, but Vibo also wins the second set 25-22 after Davyskiba’s error. The third set begins with the batting match between Grozer and Borges, one ace each. Monza is more concentrated and moves forward on 5-8 with Grozer. Attack out of Dzavoronok, 9-9. Flavio does not sting in the center, 15-17 Monza and Baldovin time-out. Monza in counterattack extends again with Grozer, 17-20 and again the home technician to stop the game. Vibo shortens again, but the German still stretches 19-22. Eccheli’s team reopens the game, 20-25, after Souza’s attack out. In the fourth set it is played point to point with many mistakes by both teams. Break Monza 11-13 with Grozer on the wall, but Vibo (with Candellaro in the field instead of Gargiulo) does not fit and impacts 14-14. The Brianza leaps forward 15-19 after Dzavoronok’s ace, 15-19. Vibo has no more, 17-22 (outside Souza, inside Nicotra). It is still the Czech who puts the ball on the ground, 17-25, bringing Monza to the tie-break. Grozer is a fury, he scores 3 aces, bringing his team to 0-4 and forcing Baldovin to call two close time outs. At the change of field the Lombards are ahead 2-8, Vibo fails to recover and Monza celebrates the victory after the error of Basic, 6-15.

Ravenna-Milano 2-3 (24-26, 21-25, 25-23, 25-21, 12-15)

The Allianz of the ‘almost’ Ravenna-based Porro and Mosca, both very close to the Consar on the market before taking the A1 in the direction of the Lombard capital, and with Romanò, the object of the desire, confirms that they are going through a difficult and risky moment in Ravenna, making it only at the tie-break but with the rather heavy alibi of Patry’s absence (muscle fatigue, he was kept at precautionary rest). Consar RCM, for its part, knows it has wasted a big opportunity to win the first race of the championship. Zanini’s team has shown that they are alive and determined to fight, but the road to salvation remains rather impassable. It starts when already in the warm-up phase the feeling that Ravenna, after so many blows, could finally play it, is strengthened by the absence of Patry, prince of Milan, but the Allianz does not bat an eyelid at the beginning and goes on 6-9 and 11-16 with Jaeschke to hold the offensive fortunes of his and the wall to do the rest. Klapwijk does not let the guests escape and from 19-23 the hosts arrive at 24-24, canceling two set balls. However, Ljaftov comes into play on the wrong side: invasion and wall, so Milan goes on. Equilibrium also in the second set, with Milan never breaking off while remaining ahead because Vukasinovic (8 points in the set for him) keeps it in his sights. At 21-21, however, Consar suddenly stops and Milan’s 0-4 break is worth the double advantage. The third set seems instead a quiet descent into hell for Ravenna, which in a few bars finds itself under 6-12, but then Milan loses focus and against Ljaftov resurrects and the usual Klapwijk with tenacity leads a comeback that brings Consar also forward. 16-15. We then go point to point, Vukasinovic on the wall gives 23-21 to his team, an error in Ishikawa’s service makes 24-22, Klapwijk imitates him (24-23) and at the first Romagna set-ball Vukasinovic still prolongs the match. Fourth set with Allianz with morale under his shoes, Piazza takes off Romanò, screams and shouts but Ravenna, who finally smells the points after a long time, goes on 14-8 with superstar Klapwijk. The wall in Milan wakes up after a long unjustified absence and the Dutch opposite of the house misses one of the few balls of his evening for 14-11. Allianz, however, does not know how to insist, Djokic drops drastically, Consar succeeds in everything and the tie-break materializes. Piazza then surprisingly plays the Maiocchi card in the role of the opposite, but Consar has the special on and goes 4-2 and could even extend without two episodic errors by Klapwijk. Now we also play on the nerves (5-5) and the Allianz misses less (7-10) and without overdoing it takes home the victory in the third match-ball with Jaeschke.

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Superlega, super Grozer: Monza, what a comeback