Wanda tells the “triangle”: “All about the Mauro-China story. And I thank Maxi”

In an interview given in Paris to an Argentine broadcaster, Nara reconstructed the story, from the initial discovery of the exchange of messages to the subsequent reactions: “Mauro in my place would have asked for a divorce”

Sooner or later, the football gossip case of the year would have some sort of official conclusion. And here we are, with Wanda Nara who has chosen to tell in sufficient detail everything that happened between her, Mauro Icardi and the third inconvenience. Enough post on Instagram – for now -, but an Argentine television station for an exclusive interview in Paris on the episode that seriously threatened to divide one of the most famous couples in the world of football.

The revelations

The chat between the wife-agent of the PSG striker and Susana Gimenez aired on Telefe, although a full version will be available for compatriots on the Paramount Plus platform. already many ideas: “I was talking to the girl who organizes the parties for us in Paris – explained Wanda Nara with the Eiffel Tower behind her – and I started looking for a photo on Mauro’s phone. So I found a conversation with a famous woman. I decided to talk about it even knowing it would be in the public domain. But if you don’t talk about it, then people start inventing. ” And so the first story came out, of which Lady Icardi, however, now regrets: “It was my fault, because I loaded it before talking about it with a friend or with my sister. I always have the phone in my hand and it came spontaneously to do so “.

Give China to Maxi Lopez

In short, a bolt from the blue. “We have never hidden anything – continued Wanda Nara -, we have always looked at our phones without problems. I knew China Suarez, but we were not friends. They are very old-fashioned and we are not an open couple, my reaction was tough. For me a little message is already almost a divorce. ” At that point Icardi ran for cover: “Mauro told me it was nonsense, the mistake of life. That they met but nothing happened, I know it’s true. It seems that she came to Paris. When all this happened, I was furious and left: Mauro would have asked for a divorce in my place “. Then? “I called China and what we said remains between us, for me a message is very serious. Today I have full confidence in my husband”. Finally, the role of former partner Maxi Lopez: “He helped me a lot, he took the boys and kept them out of this story. I thanked both him and his partner.”

And Mauro?

This is the official reconstruction of Wanda Nara. The woman and Susana Gimenez spent some time together in the French capital and also went to the Parco dei Principi to see Paris Saint-Germain-Nantes 3-1, a match in which Icardi remained on the bench for the duration of the match. competition. At the end of the interview, the same striker appears seated next to his wife, but says practically nothing. The certainty is that now everything is over. China is not that close anymore.

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Wanda tells the “triangle”: “All about the Mauro-China story. And I thank Maxi”