While the assistant and the captain long for an opponent from the Islands, coach Šilhavý has no wishes before the draw – Sport.cz

“Of course I would like an opponent to go through to the playoff finals and then to the World Championships in Qatar,” he said in front of the lottery, which will take place at 5 pm on Friday in Zurich, Switzerland. assistant smart.

“You will no longer choose in the barracks. Of course, among the twelve participants are the favorites of the national teams of Italy and Portugal and then the others. However, it cannot be said that one of the possible opponents is weak, “he did not want to speculate on which constellation would be the most acceptable for Czech footballers.

“In the spring, we will mainly need all players to be healthy and to have the important ones at our disposal. If so, we could or should handle the barrage. Even though we will enter it with a match outside, “he is well aware of the pitfalls and deceitfulness of the play.

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Footballers of the Czech national team (from the right): Vladimír Coufal, Tomáš Vaclík, Tomáš Souček and Antonín Barák thank the fans after the World Cup 2022 qualification.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

In it, a dozen units will be divided into three imaginary spiders with four participants.

In the first round, officially the semi-finals of the playoffs, the teams that finished second in the groups in Qtyar and scored the most points will have the advantage of the home environment. The Czech national team is not one of them, because it finished third behind Belgium and Wales, so it got into the playoffs just like Austria thanks to the first place in its group in the previous year of the League of Nations.

The play, which is scheduled for the end of March next year, will therefore start on the opponent’s pitch, with the lottery deciding whether it will be Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden or Wales.

“Of course, it would be better to play at home in front of your own audience, who would definitely pull us. But if we have a complete staff, including long-term Marodos Schick, Jankt, Provod, Kúdely or Černý and we have a lot to choose from the best players, we will go to the playoffs in a different situation than in the autumn, “the national team coach recalled the troubled he has struggled in recent months.

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Eight new stadiums will be available in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.Photo: Zdeněk Pavlis, Sport.cz

After a play semi-final for one match, the final is on the program. Even this is played for only one match, while the home team will be decided by Friday’s draw.

Šilhavý’s team faced three of the six possible semi-final rivals during this year, so he knows what to expect from them.

“And they from us, because they touched us too. We know who is playing, but the current form will decide in March, “said the national team coach, alluding to the matches with Italy (loss in preparation in Bologna 0: 4), Scotland (victory in EURO in Glasgow 2: 0) and Wales loss in Cardiff 0: 1 and Prague draw 2: 2).

Photo: Zdeněk Pavlis, Sport.cz

Modern Qatar is growing right in front of our eyes.Photo: Zdeněk Pavlis, Sport.cz

Of course, with the belief that his team will be better prepared and in better shape, he will manage the playoffs and advance to Qatar for the world championship. For Šilhavý, it would be the most beautiful gift for the November 60th, and for Czech football, it would be the 120th anniversary of its founding, which also fell in November.

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While the assistant and the captain long for an opponent from the Islands, coach Šilhavý has no wishes before the draw – Sport.cz