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He has been holding the belt for over three years. David Kozma will go to his fourth defense, which will probably be the hardest. The very experienced Bojan Veličković, who has also introduced himself in the famous UFC in the past, will face him. Nine years ago, he credited Jiří Procházka’s valuable scalp. The Pink Panther is ready to defend his belt this time as well, but nothing simple awaits him. During the weigh-in interview, he likened his opponent to the same level as his last opponent, Leandro Apollo Silva.

Karol Ryšavý will also present an improved form. The Slovak beater will also attack the tenth victory, plus the third in a single year. Ryšavý first dealt with Matěj Kuzník and then with Mark Bartl. But now he will face the Dutchman Losene Keit, who will want to defend his invincibility. Keita has four winnings in a row and three times it was an ending before the limit.

Pavel Salčák has the last match in his career. The 37-year-old Reinders MMA representative has been playing with a similar idea for a long time, and even if he won, it would not convince him to continue. For the last time, his fist will be tasted by a newcomer on the domestic scene, Samoyed wrestler Al Matavao. Although he is ten years younger and sixteen centimeters smaller, he still commands great respect. He managed to finish six of the eight wins before the limit. However, Al Matavao failed to weigh even two attempts and handed over 20% of the payout to his opponent.

The duel of heavyweights Daniel Dittrich and Thomas Narma will offer more than two hundred kilograms. The Slovak beater returns after less than a year and will want to end a series of three defeats in a row. It won’t be easy at all. The Norwegian viking Thomas Narmo, who has not lost in his career, will face him. Looking at the statistics of both fighters, we can quite possibly expect a quick end.

Christian Eckerlin’s German force will also be introduced. The 35-year-old wrestler has not lost four years in a row. He will try to stretch a series of six wins even after a duel with the Greek Ioannis Palaiologos. Although the native of Athens felt the bitterness of the defeat in the last performance, he is all the more motivated now.

Big change. Wrestler Jakub Běle takes care of the motivation after a one-year breakVideo: Sport.cz

Jakub Běle took a break from wrestling for more than a year. He last introduced himself in a cage in September of the last calendar year, when he managed to finish Tomáš Bol. Since then, he has put wrestling practice on the sidelines and devoted himself to personal life. However, he will face a difficult test during his comeback. He will be Marcin Naruszczka, a former weightlifter. Tvrdý Polák has a balance of one win and two defeats on the Czech-Slovak scene. How will it be after Saturday’s fight?

The whole tournament will start with a duel of predatory rifles by Roman Paulus and Peter Gabal. The Czech Spartacus Matěj Kuzník, who also had problems meeting the weight limit, would be successful, but he was successful on the second attempt. Marek Bartl and Jan Malach will also want to return to the winning wave. Russian Arthur Karavajev will also perform on the Czech-Slovak scene for the first time.

Saturday’s OKTAGON 29 tournament starts at 18:00. The whole evening can be watched via paid broadcast on the website oktagon.tv.

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Will a new king rise? The Pink Panther will defend the Brno fortress – Sport.cz