Figure skating, European figure: Guignard-Fabbri, bronze dance

Charlen and Marco, in Tallinn, repeat the prestigious result of Minsk 2019: in the specialty it is the blue medal n. 12 in 22 years. Super Valieva: four Russian golds

Marco Fabbri-Charlene Guignard climb the European dance podium again: bronze in Minsk 2019, bronze in Tallinn 2022. In between the fourth place of Graz 2020 and the skipped edition for Covid last year. For the couple from the Fiamme Azzurre (born in the French Brest, she, in Milan he), in their tenth participation in the exhibition, this is the confirmation of a status that has long placed them at the top of the world. And for the tricolor school of the specialty it is yet another acute: in the continental field, in twenty-two seasons, there are also three medals by Barbara Fusar Poli-Maurizio Margaglio, two by Federica Faiella-Massimo Scali and five by Anna Cappellini-Luca Lanotte. For a total that is now two golds, seven silvers and three bronzes.

The race

The dedication is precisely for Fusar Poli, their coach practically always: “It was not easy – commented Marco – for the first time in twelve years we did not have our coach on the balustrade: last night (Friday) Barbara tested positive at Covid “). Fortunately, asymptomatically. So much so that a few hours later the race turned negative and on Sunday morning he will regularly return to Italy. The free program of his hard-working students, skating to the notes of the Atonement and Little Sparrow soundtrack, is a jewel. It is worth 124.62 points, for a total of 207.97. It is that of last season, confirmed by popular acclaim. And every time it is an emotion. Reiterates the placement of the first part of the race. But the tandem that is based at the Assago Forum, in Milan, is overcome: twizzles and lifts are perfect, the steps are splendid and, above all, they have enormous intensity. They are super fast, great interpreters, precise, beautiful. And the love story they tell on the track is the same one they live in everyday life. Charlene’s tears of emotion on the kiss & cry, at the end, are more than justified. The beauty is that their careers, at 32 and 33, as already announced, are far from over. And the spaces, in the future, will also be able to expand.

The brace

Meanwhile, the third Russian victory arrives at the Tondiraba Ice Hall. And the second shotgun. The ranking, compared to Rhythm Dance, does not change. Gold, with 217.96 points, goes to the splendid reigning world champions Victoria Sinitsina-Nikita Katsalapov (he proves to have perfectly overcome the shoulder injury suffered at the national championships last month): their Olympic challenge with the French Gabriella Papadakis- Guillaume Cizeron, absent here by choice, promises to be incandescent. The silver, with 213.20, goes to Alexandra Stepanova-Ivan Bukin, not so superior to Guignard-Fabbri. Behind the Azzurri, swapping positions, fourth are the Spaniards Olivia Smart-Adrian Diaz and fifth the British Lilah Fear-Lewis Gibson. The Italy of dance, with Carolina Moscheni-Francesco Fioretti first excluded from the free (twenty-first), in Helsinki 2023 will again count on two pairs. Tonight the conclusion with the women’s free.

Russian power

Tallinn 2022 goes down in history under the sign of Russia: it is also a hat-trick in the women’s field, with a total of four wins out of four and nine podiums out of twelve (Italy, with a silver and a bronze, is second in the medal table, then the Latvia with a bronze). Among the women she finishes with the 15 year old Kamila Valieva of gold (259.06), the world champion Anna Shcherbakova, who recovers from the fourth place of the short, silver (237.42) and Alexandra Trusova of bronze (234.36). La Valieva, on the day she falls on a triple axel and does not close a combination, imposes herself with a margin of 21.64 points. In the women’s field it is the largest since the new judging system came into effect 18 years ago. The compatriot Yevgenia Medvedeva, in 2017, closed with an advantage of 18.32. All this to say about the value of the baby phenomenon coached by Eteri Tutberidze, unbeaten in the season and clearly favored to Olympic gold. The Belgian Loena Hendrickx goes down from second to fourth place, the blue Lara Naki Gutmann, twelfth in the free, from 23rd to 16th place (163.99). Italy, with Marina Piredda forced to forfeit after 14th place in the short, will have only one athlete competing next year.

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Figure skating, European figure: Guignard-Fabbri, bronze dance