Youth Italian Cup: cheering and colors for the 16 teams competing over the weekend

In Castelfranco Emilia on 4 and 5 December the last national archery event of the season. The best 16 Italian youth sectors will compete to win the XVIII edition of the Italian Cup

The best youth sectors of the best 16 Italian archery companies are ready to do battle to end the 2021 archery season with the last national seasonal event. The sports hall of Castelfranco Emilia, in the province of Modena, will host the 18th edition of the Italian Youth Centers Cup on 4 and 5 December, organized by the Arcieri del Forte club with the support of the Fitarco Emilia Romagna regional committee.


Each competing association counts on the shooting line six components divided between archers and archers, belonging to the boys classes, up to the juniors: the young archers of the fourth and fifth grade and archers of the middle school will compete together. Despite the young age and the fair play that distinguishes the discipline, this is a competition with very high competitive content, perhaps because the atmosphere in the building during the competition is very hot. In this regard, it must be said that, unlike what one might think, in archery there is no rule that imposes absolute silence on the public. Indeed, the better the archers are at estranging themselves from what happens around them, the more they are considered good: thus, for the young archers who participate in the youth Italian Cup it is a real baptism of fire, considering that they compete with a background almost deafening, because in this race there is also a prize for the most colorful and passionate fans.

Colorful cheering

Normally, while the teams compete against each other with direct clashes in the stands, the fans challenge each other in another way. The presence of friends, parents and relatives is expected to trigger choruses, unroll banners, give breath to trumpets of all kinds, play various drums and pots, high mountain cowbells, up to staging real themed choreographies with disguises, tricks and wigs. One of the latest awards, for example, went in 2018 to the Arcieri San Donà di Piave fans, which included about fifteen extras who played the most famous characters of the Robin Hood legend, including Lady Cocca, Little John and Fra Tuck.

Challenges for the podium

After a year of stoppage due to Covid, with a pandemic that has not yet abandoned us, we will see if on this occasion the young archers in the competition will once again be able to count on the support of their first fans. Just today the 16 qualified teams have been defined that on Saturday 4 December afternoon will be engaged with the individual athletes on the shooting line for the 30 qualifying arrows that will make up the elimination rounds. Sunday 5th space for the direct clashes of the two elimination rounds, followed at around 14.00 by the semifinals and finals that will award the last trophy of the season. They will be throbbing moments and, if the presence of the public is guaranteed in the stands with the appropriate precautions due to the pandemic, this colorful competition will once again have the appearance of a beautiful sports party.

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Youth Italian Cup: cheering and colors for the 16 teams competing over the weekend