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Natálie and Filip Taschler, who finished sixth in rhythmic dance, took care of the largest point supply for the Czech colors. For a solid performance to the music of pop star Madonna, they received a mark of 68.99 points, which was 73 hundredths lower than at the January European Championships. They defeated four opponents, including the Ukrainians Oleksandra Nazarova and Maksym Nikitin, who finished ahead of them at the European Championships.

The Americans Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue, who left the Russian co-workers for Olympic gold Victoria Sinicinova and Nikita Kacalapova, scored an unexpected victory in the rhythmic dance.

Michal Březin did not succeed in the short program even at the second highlight of the season. Instead of the introductory square, Salchow only jumped a double, which is a major mistake in the short program. A solo triple or quadruple jump is required, so two spins meant zero for this element. The most experienced Czech figure skater, who will carry the Czech flag at the opening ceremony in the evening, then picked up and managed the axel and the combination without the slightest problem. The mark of 76.77 points was far beyond his capabilities, but still only five points higher than for a broken short program at the European Championships. He ranked seventh.

The first race test on the Olympic ice in Beijing turned out great for three-time world champion Nathan Chen. The 22-year-old improved his personal record in the short program to 111.71 points and approached the absolute record of two-time Olympic champion Juzuru Hanju by eleven hundredths. He did not enter the team competition today. The Japanese deployed a silver medalist from the 2018 Olympic Games, Shomu Una, who finished second.

Like Březina, the sports pair Jelizaveta Žuková and Martin Bidař also made a mistake. This time, Bidař fell during the solo triple toeloop and his partner did not have a clear exit from the discarded lutz. They gained 56.70 points, which was 2.3 points more than at the European Championships, and finished eighth.

The Chinese and Russian sports pairs, whose duel is expected at the end of the games, performed a great performance with the best marks of history. Suey Weijin and Chan Chung gained 82.83 points, beating incumbent world champions Anastasia Mishinova and Alexandra Galljamov by nineteen hundredths. The minimal difference meant another loss for the Russian team in the fight for team gold. The Americans Alex Knierimová and Brandon Frazier were defeated by only one place.

At the tail of the ten-member competition are teams from Ukraine and Germany, which did not occupy one category due to coronavirus infection. But the Czechs also defeated them in the others. The defenders of Olympic gold have been lost by Canadians, who are sixth on an ongoing basis. On Sunday, in addition to a short program of women, there are also free men’s rides, where only five teams will place their representatives. The competition will culminate on Monday.

XXIV. Beijing Winter Olympics:
Figure Skating – Teams:
Men – short program:
1. Chen (USA) 111,71 b.
2. One (Jap.) 105.46
3. Kondraťuk (Rus.) 95.81
7. Březina (Czech Republic) 76.77
Sports couple – short program:
1. Suej Weijin, Chan Chung (China) 82.83
2. Misinova, Galljamov (Russian) 82.64
3. Knierimová, Frazier (USA) 75,00
8. Žuková, Bidař (Czech Republic) 56.70
Dancing couples – rhythmic dance:
1. Hubbellová, Donohue (USA) 86,56
2. Sinicinová, Kacalapov (Rus.) 85,05
3. Guignardová, Fabbri (It.) 83.83
6. Taschlerová, Taschler (CZE) 68.99
Running order:
1. USA 28 points
2. Russia 26
3. China 21
8. CR 12

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ZOH 2022 | The Czech figure skaters are eighth after the first day, led by the Americans – Sport.cz