August 1, 2021

“Achraf Is Leaving Inter” – ActionPush

Achraf is being one of the great protagonists of the transfer market. The complicated situation of Inter Milan forces him to sell in the coming days to balance the accounts of the season. There has been talk of possible exits of Lautaro or Lukaku, but starting your lane might be enough to get the numbers rolling. Although it is an open secret that he is the one chosen to leave the entity, an authorized voice has been in charge of confirming it publicly.

Alejandro Camano, representative of the player, has spoken on the radio program ‘How are you doing?’ how is your ward’s situation. The interview was, rather, to talk about the future of Lautaro, to which it also leads, but, finally, the news was about Achraf: “The only one who is going to leave Inter for now is Hakimi, who I also represent. We have to work on the Lautaro issue, but there is still no clear situation. “

It was the only comment he made about Achraf, to continue recounting Lautaro’s complex horizon, as planned: “He is called to be one of the great players in Europe. He is only 23 years old and wherever he plays he has everything to be one of the best of the world. Budgets rule the world, if Inter had to get rid of Lautaro they would not do it for a small amount. They want him to stay yes or yes because they consider winning the league again and having a great scorer“.

However, and although Inter want to tie his player, perhaps the economy does not allow it. In that case, Lautaro would have to leave, but always for a high figure: “Now in the Covid post, the price of transfers has been devalued a bit. There is still nothing concrete. You also have to see what Lautaro wants. At 23 years old, his opinion is very important. “

Achraf and a long list of suitors

The performance of the full back in his year in Milan is worth it so that all the greats of Europe are aware of his steps. At the moment, Paris Saint Germain seems the best placed. He offers a project and a good salary to the footballer and is willing to reach a high amount to convince Inter. Anyway Chelsea club champion of the commitment to youth and recent champion of the Champions, is also in the bid. The soap opera will be resolved in the next few days because the club needs to sell as soon as possible to balance the accounts. If there was any doubt, Camano, his representative, has sentenced: “He goes away”.

Infographic via BeSoccer Pro.