July 24, 2021

Arturo Vidal Wants To Play In America, But “there Must Be (interest) From Both Parties”

The Andean midfielder hopes that one day his arrival at the Eagles will be realized, but recalled that he has a current contract with Inter

The Chilean Arturo vidal stated in the past that he liked the America and that one day he would like to defend the colors of the Eagles in Mexican soccer. Now, in full America Cup, the Andean midfielder reiterated his intentions, but putting as a condition that there is a real interest on both sides so that this desire can be crystallized.

“We have to see, I have always said that I like Mexico and I like America, I hope one day it will be given to me, but there must be (interest) from both parties. I have a contract with Inter and I will continue to pursue my career, giving the maximum and if at some point it happens, happy “, declared Vidal in order to TUDN at the end of the match between the Chilean team and the Argentine team.

In an interview he previously gave for ESPN, ‘King Arthur’ stated: “I dream of playing in Flamengo, Colo-Colo, they are with me always, I follow them a lot, Boca (Juniors) I also like how they play, the people are very passionate. I love America from Mexico too, those are my teams. I hope one day I will play in one”.

Nevertheless, Santiago Banos, sports president of the America, suddenly stopped the illusion of the fans of the America to see Vidal in the short term with the Eagles shirt, when he declared for the Italian newspaper Tuttosport: “We have not had contacts in this regard. It is not possible that we can afford a transfer of this type. Inter may not want anything, but it would still be too expensive for us. Vidal will not play for Club América next season.”

Chile appeared in the Copa América 2021 that is celebrated in a Brazilian dream with a 1-1 draw against Argentina. The Albiceleste opened the scoring thanks to a goal from Lionel Messi, but the Red equalized the cards, with the score of Eduardo Vargas, who took advantage of a rebound after Vidal missed a maximum penalty.