July 27, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ruinous Business Because Of Donald Trump

Cristiano Ronaldo does not win due to disappointments. At least as far as your real estate investments are concerned. The Portuguese striker, who is currently contesting the Eurocup with his national team, is awaiting the resolution of the dispute with the Lisbon City Council as a result of some works, supposedly illegal, made in his brand new 300 square meter penthouse and 7.2 million euros, in one of the best areas of Lisbon.

Now, the Portuguese faces a ‘ruinous’ sale of the apartment he owns in the Trump Tower in New York since 2015 and that at the time he acquired for an amount that was around 15 million euros.

The purchase occurred before Donald Trump became president of the United States, but the property has done nothing but give him problems. On the one hand, it has been enduring media pressure for some time to get rid of the three-bedroom apartment located at 721 Fifth Avenue, and in addition, its value has been declining considerably thanks, among other things, to its promoter, who has fallen out of favor. .

Trump’s den in New York.

Courage plummets

As reported by The New York Post, Ronaldo put the uncomfortable property up for sale in 2019 For less than half the money he disbursed, about $ 9 million, but without any offer and in the midst of a pandemic, the footballer has been forced to further reduce his claims.

In fact, the sale price that appears since last May 19 is ‘only’ 7.75 million dollars, just over six million euros, so if an offer is made, the business would be more than ruinous.

It is true that for someone who has become the first active athlete in a team event to exceed a billion dollars in earnings according to Forbes magazine, the loss is more than manageable. But Cristiano does not like to lose in any area of ​​his life. Neither in their investments and businesses.