July 25, 2021

Inter Miami Will Not Allow Easy Exit For Rodolfo Pizarro

The Miami heat suffocates Rodolfo Pizarro’s career. At the beginning of the season we were all talking about the rebound that the Mexican attacker was expected to have under Phil Neville and this has gone the other way. The coach himself called him a pillar for his project, but little by little he was losing space until finally he was not even called up for the match against the Chicago Fire.

This also attracted his absence from the Mexican National Team and it was then that the discussion of what his present was came about. While in the organization they continued to point him out as a key man -and more so for having a designated player contract-, The rumors began to grow and among those came a couple from Liga MX with their long-awaited return, either to Chivas or with Javier Aguirre in Monterrey..

Today, Pizarro earns 3 million dollars and at that moment he was practically discarded to return to the Sacred Herd. Later, the issue began to grow in Monterrey after the arrival of Héctor Moreno, but, at the end of the day, its market value will also make the matter more than complicated. According to data from BeSoccer, The extreme is valued today at just under 10 million dollars and among the reports it is specified that, if he returned to Mexico, the clubs would look for him for an approximate of 8 million.

Therefore, with information from Salvador Pérez de GOAL, Inter Miami is not willing to lose on the purchase they made last season and more – possibly – in the event of having to acquire another higher quality franchise player. In this step of words, it was commented that with the departure of Pizarro, Brazilian players such as David Luiz or Willian could arrive, who will not continue the next season with Arsenal.

His short season takes away arguments to change

Only one game could Rodolfo Pizarro play in full. In the rest of the games that had action, he always came out of exchange and without leaving anything pleasant; the only thing that could be to start a play on goal in the first-round loss to the LA Galaxy. And this is also linked to a team that does not know how to create opportunities and does not have aim before the goal. The crisis in Miami is also Pizarro’s, but worst of all is that they also take it with them. On Saturday June 19 they visit DC United.