August 1, 2021

Isaac Brizuela: “If Reinforcements Have Not Arrived, It Is Because There Is Confidence In The Quarry”

Isaac Brizuela pointed out that newcomers should take advantage of the opportunity and will be supported by the most experienced footballers

Until now, Guadalajara has not hired real reinforcements. The club performs beach preseason in Barra Navidad with a squad full of youth And with the base of the group that is already known by Víctor Manuel Vucetich, however, far from seeing the lack of incorporations as a problem, Isaac Brizuela considers that this is due to the fact that the board trusts them and the basic forces.

“Two tournaments ago we reached the semifinals with this team, although in the previous one we were left to duty because the objectives were not met, I consider that there is a very good group, the guys and we must all realize that If no reinforcements have arrived, it is because there is full confidence in the club’s quarryThat is why we should take advantage of the opportunity, do not wait until maybe tomorrow or next season five or six players from abroad will arrive, of course we are not going to put all the pressure on the youngest, but support them, support them, enjoy the process and let us all go, “said the” Bunny. “

The forward, almost 31 years old, has lived several preseason with the Flock and understands that the seriousness they give him, will lie the potential success of the next tournament.

“A preseason is not only going to a place to train and rest, it is also to make that awareness that from here you start to compete, we all have that illusion, now it was the turn of several teammates from Tapatío to be here and they know that the coaching staff is here. very aware of his work and qualities; We all take the same responsibility that from now on the tournament begins, that you are earning a place and building the base to be able to perform at your best during the campaign, which is what we all want so that Chivas is where it always has to be, fighting up on the table ”, he added.

From the stage of Matías Almeyda as coach, Brizuela began to have occasional activity as a right back, so he is ready if Víctor Manuel Vucetich uses him again in that position.

“Wherever the coach requires me, I will be available, I know it depends on the situation of the game, the ‘teacher’ Vucetich knows how to read those moments of the game very well, in my case between being on the inside or on the wing, that’s why I have to try to to give my best version in the position in which I play, I think it is an advantage to be able to perform in different areas of the field, it is something that helps me grow as a footballer, “said Brizuela.