August 5, 2021

MLB: The Best Starting Trio In The Major Leagues? Maybe

The way of the Milwaukee Brewers to survive the fight between four clubs of the National League Central Division it probably rests on the shoulders of three starting pitchers. But if they survive, those three are exactly what the rest of the NL doesn’t want to see in October.

Milwaukee is advancing with a bottom-10 offense in baseball, but the Brewers are shoulder-to-shoulder with the Cubs in large part because of right-handers. Corbin Burnes, Freddy Peralta and Brandon Woodruff:

The homegrown trio of aces (Peralta was acquired as a prospect in ’15) shone as a promise of the Milwaukee bullpen during his run to Game 7 of the 2018 NL Championship Series, combining for four earned runs. allowed and 29 strikeouts in 17 1/3 innings against the mighty Dodgers offense. Three years later, the Crew’s front office is living a pitching development dream with three aces age 28 and younger.

As Peralta takes the ball on Tuesday to start this group’s next turn in the rotation, he, Burnes and Woodruff have combined for a 1.93 ERA in 36 starts in 2021.

The Elias Sports Bureau tells us that Milwaukee has the sixth trio of pitchers in the last 40 years to each boast a 2.25 ERA or less in their first 10 starts of a season.

It may interest you: Corbin Burnes’ chance in history remains intact despite losing.

Teams with three starters with 2.25 ERA or less during the first 10 starts in the last 40 seasons.

2021 MIL: Woodruff (1.52) | Burnes (2.13) | Peralta (2.25)
’18 HOU: J. Verlander (1.05) | G. Cole (1.86) | C. Morton (2.04)
’14 CHC: J. Samardzija (1.46) | K. Hendricks (2.02) | J. Arrieta (2.05)
1985 CHC: R. Sutcliffe (2.04) | S. Sanderson (2.14) | S. Trout (2.23)
’85 LAD: F. Valenzuela (1.68) | O. Hershiser (1.78) | B. Welch (2.19)
’85 SF: M. Krukow (1.78) | D. LaPoint (1.88) | J. Gott (2.25)