July 28, 2021

San Francisco And San Isidro Are Ready – DiarioSports – San Francisco

Tomorrow the city will receive seven delegations, plus San Isidro will face the last Regular Phase Venue of the Argentine League. There will be 16 basketball games in four days. The bad one? No audience.

The pandemic situation obscures the size of the organization and event that will take place in the city for four days. It is that the “bubble” of the Argentine League lands in San Francisco, but in the 16 games that will be played in total at the “Severo Robledo” stadium, it will be without public entry due to restrictions.

Likewise, that will not prevent the basketball party from being carried out. Seven delegations arrive in the city, generating a logistics movement in which the “holy” institution has diagrammed millimetrically to comply with all the protocols that both the Association of Clubs and health authorities indicated.

The activity itself will begin this Monday from 11 in the morning with Ameghino before the Federal Mortar Shot. Then Barrio Parque with Villa San Martín, in third turn Norte de Armstrong with Independiente de Santiago del Estero and the first day will close the Red Halcones against Central de Ceres.

The complete fixture

Monday June 14
11: 00Hs. – Ameghino Vs. Federal Shot
14: 00Hs. – Barrio Parque Vs. Villa San Martín
16: 30Hs. – Deportivo Norte Vs. Independiente SdE
19: 00Hs. – San Isidro Vs. Central de Ceres

Tuesday June 15
11: 00Hs. – Villa San Martín Vs. Deportivo Norte
14: 00Hs. – Independent Vs. Ameghino
16: 30Hs. – Central de Ceres Vs. Barrio Parque
19: 00Hs. – Federal Shot Vs. San Isidro

Thursday June 17
11: 00Hs. – Deportivo Norte Vs. Central de Ceres
14: 00Hs. – Barrio Parque Vs. Tiro Federal
16: 30Hs. – Ameghino Vs. Villa San Martín
19: 00Hs. – San Isidro Vs. Independiente SdE

Friday June 18
11: 00Hs. – Central de Ceres Vs. Ameghino
14: 00Hs. – Federal Shot Vs. Deportivo Norte
16: 30Hs. – Independent Vs. Barrio Parque
19: 00Hs. – Villa San Martín Vs. San Isidro