July 24, 2021

What Can Happen To San Lorenzo Basketball? | San Lorenzo De Almagro

Since the departure of the president-elect Marcelo Tinelli by license, vice 1 Horacio Arreceygor remained as president in office and practically from the first moment being consulted by the different media, he spoke of a strong reduction of the budget in the professional soccer team (around 40%) and to look at all the club’s contracts to shrink even more: “The restructuring is going to be generalized, we are going to try to reduce expenses anywhere.”, the current president acknowledged in the last hours on El Plateista Radio.

Within the enormous budget that San Lorenzo has in many of its areas, there is basketball: yes, the five-time National League team had an economic contribution that was a large percentage of Marcelo Tinelli himself, which his current personal situation does not allow him continue to collaborate with the discipline.

So, the situation has 2 paths and Arreceygor himself will have the last word: either the square is sold and the Cyclone stops participating in the LNB until the budget is rearranged and it can compete again, or an economic effort is made to maintain a competitive team, although probably losing many figures from the current squad. According to this media, there are several leaders who maintain that the ideal is to continue in competition and support the sport that has given so many joys to the club in recent years and for that reason, the incumbent president wants to listen to all parties, agree on what it is believed that it is the best and there to make an exhaustive decision. Black or white. Black or white There is no other. The middle way could be presenting a team with youth, but the budget would not be reduced too much but the differences with the rivals in the matches to compete would spread, so the economic part will continue to be a problem. There is time to make the decision, I hope it is the best for San Lorenzo.