August 6, 2021

America Dismisses Giovani Dos Santos

Giovani dos Santos leaves America, after ending his contract and in the time that he could not become a figure

MEXICO – The Mexican forward, Giovani dos santos, was officially discharged by the America, a club with which he failed to become a benchmark.

Through a Twitter message it was like America announced the departure of the footballer, who ended his contract and was not renewed after two years, during which he wore the “10” shirt.

“Thank you Giovani dos Santos for wearing these colors. We wish you the best in your next challenge, you will always be an Americanist ”, reads the club’s message.

Giovani came from the MLS in the summer of 2019, the year the player lost his ‘franchise’ tag to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

From the first tournament he played with America, Giovani dos santos He did not manage to consolidate, due to a serious injury in the National Classic against Chivas that caused him to be operated on when he suffered a cut on his right thigh. Throughout that first year, the player had sequels that prevented him from being at his best physical and football level.

The footballer indicated upon his arrival in Mexico that he supported the Eagles since he was a child and sought to be a reference, but this did not happen due to his multiple injuries and poor performance.

Throughout these two years Giovani played a total of 42 games, scored four goals and made two assists.

With the departure of Giovani, America he is freed from paying one of the highest salaries within the squad, since the footballer received 3 million dollars a year, plus prizes for goals achieved.

With this situation, the footballer will be free to negotiate with any team that wants to have his services.